BAD KIDS Driving Parents Car Toy Store Shopping & McDonald’s (Part 1 SKIT)

{“en”:”Oh my goodness Clara. Where are you taking us? CupcakeSurpriseToys I’m bored, Like really bored. We can’t do that Come on Clara before someone sees us. [Bump] What was that bump Clara? Whoops a daisy Let me drive, Let me drive Clara Oh my goodness Clara. Where are you taking us? You not taking us to a car wash Clara are you? Oh! McDonald’s A Happy meal and a chicken burger please? Clara you got a Troll’s Happy Meal. Now its my turn to drive. You can be eating your Happy Meal while I drive. Now I’m taking you to the Toy Store. I could sure get use to this. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share. We hidden a lollipop in this video. Let us know in the comments where it is.. “}

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