Bingo da Tequila com Verme | Drink Games 2

    {“en”:”Hi dudes It’s been awhile but we’re back with the ‘drinking games’ At this time we have no sponsors Bad for you ‘Jose Cuervo’, we’ll drink tequila Today is just tequila If you still don’t know ‘drinking games’, check here the first episode And if you already know watch from here Today will be tequila with worms So now it’s time Let’s start our game I’ll do a quick explanation It’s like a bingo We have the balls and each one owns a color Rody is yellow, Minimim is black Rogerio is red and I’m the green of hope We’ll spin this and the drawn color… Drinks Drinks Pick a worm and a dose and drink Detail: is a mexican tequila. Tequila with worms And this moustache is Paraguayan Oh we have a chosen Red Who’s red? It’s me Note: the game only ends when someone’s color end Holy shit There are 8 balls Let’s open our nameless tequila I’ll take the less skittish Some of them are rebel This is the original mexican tequila Let’s go Arriba, abajo Al centro y adentro I wanna see this Delicious Half of a worm He pooped in my mouth and I puked Let’s move to the next Again I can’t believe I can’t believe Rogerio look at here Be a man Drink it In one gulp Drink it! Drink it! Chew it Don’t vomit Think I’m a hot tequila girl Imagine that I’m hot Swallow Rody Dio Can I choose your worm? Don’t laugh nasty cameraman Look at his face He was praying This worm can nibble Go inside He don’t want to.

    Leave him alone He don’t want to. Leave him alone Kill this mother fucker 1,2,3 The worm is here Bitten No, no He sucked the worm It’s just the skin It’s just the outside Disgusting. Don’t show me He sucked the worm and left the skin Are you ready? Faggot boy I’m drunk Are you ready? I’ll choose a worm for you Take a good one A nervous one I don’t like this game anymore You gonna get drunk on this game Drunk 1,2,3 go Quench your thirst He’s a real male He’s not a faggot He’s not disgusted with a worm Because of this I guess it will be Rody again It’s him again Rody! Rody! He’s the champion Drink it! Drink it! Laughing at my misfortune Go ahead ‘cabron’ Drink it It’s exploded Swallow Hold it Swallow Hold it Drunk I’ll spin it This game is wonderful Drink it! Drink it! Swallow Swallow It’s tasty It’s pretty good I’m thirsty Go ahead, choose your worm Show him Show your drink Pretty drink This is for dudes This is a man He’s the bravest till now Hi5 Hi5 Give me another dose God is just He asked for another dose and got it You have the worm You have the tequila You have worm and tequila Drink it ‘cabron’ Drink it slowly do taste It’s hot in here It’s Mexico 1,2,3 go This boy is good Very good Hold it Fuck Another one to the ‘cabron’ Respect the ‘ticano’.

    I’m Speedy Gonzu00e1lez I feel that will happen some vomit Red onde Let me pick my worm It’s Rogerio 1,2,3 Delicious Swallow I’ll prepare your dose Here Rody Dio for the 5th time Don’t vomit. Drink it Show it Tenebrous It’s a tenebrio This worm is alive It’s alive Eat it Eat it Bite my nose It’s pasta Pasta? I can’t even dance One more dose Rody Dio He must win. He’s the champion His happiness 3,2,1 Prove that you’re a man And deserves respect You can keep up with us on facebook Follow our page down here Click on the link at the description It’s very important to us Thumbs up this video And don’t forget to ask for your favorite drink What game we should play?. “}

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