Can You Solve This Insane Riddle?

    {“en”:”(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] A man is at a restaurant. The waiter is like, “Hey, we have a great sea bass tonight.” “Shut up,” the man says. “I would like a juice glass with water, a lemon wedge and a match.” The waiter is like, “What? Okay, you weirdo.” The man pours the water onto the plate. He’s like, “If you can get this water into this glass without touching or moving this here plate, I will give you a 100 dollar tip, one hundo dollar ruskies.” That night the waiter walked home 100 dollars richer.

    How did he do it? – Em. – You have to be some kind of sorcerer, some kind of magician or god. – (sighs) – If my junior high science class taught me anything, I think I might remember how to do something like this. – I think like the lemon is for the water after he drinks, he’s gonna drink it. The water and he wants lemon for the water. – I like 100 percent have to light this lemon wedge on fire I think. – Fuck you wedge. – That’s what I feel right? Yeah, it kind of feel, I just can’t figure out. – I just need to keep the air inside, inside here so I’m guessing I just need to, interesting. – There’s gotta be a way. – Are you supposed to light the match? Does the fire help? – Feel like it’s just the surface tension on the, on the water, not on the heat inside. – Did I get it right? – Kind of. – This is bologna (chuckling). – [Voiceover] So, what’s the right answer? Well, first the waiter put the lemon in the center of the plate, then he lit the match and stuck it in the lemon.

    Then he placed the glass upside over the lemon. As the match’s flame used up the oxygen in the glass, it created a vacuum which sucked in the water where the glass met the plate. So the waiter was able to get the water into the glass without moving the plate. Hey, stop that. (“Bada Doop”). “}

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