Dinosaur Train Videos for Kids with Dinosaur Toys and Model Train Village by Toypals.tv

{“en”:”Hi Kids, welcome to ToyPals.tv. Today we have a very fun story about dinosaurs, trains, and the children of a village getting the presents they wished for.. “We want dinosaursu201d, the children said. Yay.. u201cmore dinosaurs, more u201d u201cWhereu2019s my dinosaurs? I want mineu201d u201cUs too, We want our dinosaurs” u201cI want a bigger dinosauru201d u201cI want a bigger dinosaur, toou201d u201cMore, more, I want moreu201d u201cHey, whereu2019s our dinosaurs?u201d u201cWe want bigger, we want a bigger oneu201d u201cI want the biggest dinosaur ever!u201d The dinosaurs and the villagers played nicely for a while. but the… people didnu2019t think about something very important. What were the dinosaurs going to eat? u201cOh No, I think they want to eat us. Everybody Run Runu201d. Everybody get on the train, we will use that to escape. The villagers hid and ran but not everyone escaped. The villages used trains to run over dinosaurs and to hide.

But then a miracle happened. The dinosaurs found a huge stash of food. So the villagers and dinosaurs lived happily ever after. But be careful what you wish for kids, because you never know you may actually get it. Thanks for watching ToyPals.tv kids. Remember to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video so that we know to make more like it. Happy Holidays and take care.. “}

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