{“en”:”Top of the morning to ya’ laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome to a game called INSIDE. I literally, I just started up the game and then this press any button came up. So, I don’t wanna go any further in case this is the main menu or something. And, I end up talking over the actual game. But, this is a game by Playdead Studios, they are the ones who made LIMBO, Which I, I-I actually did a series on LIMBO on the channel. Uhm, I did it ages and ages ago, but LIMBO is one of my favorite Indie games EVER. Because the – the setup for it was really cool, the art style was phenomenal, I loved it so much. It was so, like, “minimalistic” but SO powerful.

    And I loved the ending to it, and there are so many theories around it. I just loved the game so much. And then they showed off Inside at E3, a couple of weeks ago and it was, it was one of my favorite things they showed off at E3. And I’m not saying that because like I want people to like – – uhh, I’m not trying to overhype the game or anything like that It literally was my – – – one of my favorite trailers at E3. (*wooo E3*) And I loved it so much, so I’m really looking forward to playing it so, press any button. Let’s play the game. Playdead’s Inside. Loading. Oh! I actually could have clicked it and we would have been sitting through the Loading as I talked. ( nice going jack) But again, better to not miss anything. And I hope that I can see this because it’s very bright in my room. And the screen is very dark There’s always, always a problem. They’re saying the game looks really good too. What’s going on? Oh! Oh yeah! See, it’s a lot like LIMBO.

    We’re just straight in. That’s it! Welcome to the game everybody! (*thanks*) Nice! Okay, this is what I loved, you just hear the trees. You just hear nature. That’s it! You don’t need anything else. Okay, what-what’re my buttons? I can literally just jump. That’s it. That’s all there is. That’s all you need, baby. So now we have to try and like, piece together why this kid is in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Maybe he’s in the middle of somewhere. Okay, civilization. [truck engine starts] Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! (*me too jack*) Was that a bunch of kids in the back of the truck? Is he kidnapping kids? What the fuck is this? Uh! That’s creepy I’m getting very like – – – CONCENTRATION CAMP vibes from this game. I don’t know why actually. But, there’s a bunch of like, people in the back of the truck! And they just took them all away. You didn’t hear anything! You didn’t hear anything! Oh god! That’s creepy.

    Do you have masks on? Uh-oh Uh-oh Can I go? I’m gone! I’m gone! I’m gone! See you later! Fuck you guys! Fuck you guys! Awesome, look at that art style! That is mwah! That is good, I like it a lot. Let’s Indiana Jones this shit and get in the fridge. Can I grab the fridge? YA !!! Uh! Uggh! Move it! Yes! What is going on? Isn’t it very like concentration camp vibes, like they’re taking them all away to an internment camp or a prison camp somewhere. Oh! The-The depth is so good. The main reason I like these games is ’cause of the lighting. Well, I like a lot of games because of the lighting but, Ohh! Careful, don’t fall and break ankles.

    I-I do not- Oh god, we have to get the thing. I do not feel good for this boy! I do not think we’re gonna meet a nice end. Uh! Something tells something bad is gonna happen. Well I’ll probably meet several bad ends in the game because I ended up fucking up all the puzzles. Haha! I wonder are the-the deaths as violent in this as they were in LIMBO? Like getting stuck with spikes, getting giant spiders to kill you. Probably no giant spiders in this one though? (Hmm) I really like that, how the water- eh the light is just shining from over there. You don’t see me! You don’t see, I’m hidden! Look! [dogs barking] Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Go! Go little boy! Go! (borf Borf says doge) Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! What do I do? Agh!!! Oh thank god! Oh thank god! That legit like fucking scared the shit out of me.

    I thought I did something wrong and then the dog was chasing me. Crap! Ok, that’s the type of game it’s gonna be My little uh, uh, Billy. Hehe Clever names, right? It’s so eerie. Is that more trucks I hear? Getting close! Gonna drive along the road now! Yep! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! You don’t see me! Keep running! Keep running little boy! Faster would be nice! Oh hide! Hide! Hide! Hide! Hide! Oh ~~~, yes! Ah-hah! Ok! So I have some of my like instincts from LIMBO to go cause it’s like. Oh! You just keep running forward and then they see you but you have to run back.

    Oh, yeah! I love this shit. I used to love when I was younger, well, not- younger than now but not like young-young-young. When I- like a few years ago, I used to love being out in the woods at night time. And you just hear all the nature going on all around you. You hear the bugs, you hear the-the animals, lots of different shit. Uh-Oh! Oh that’s so cool looking-, Oh fuck nuggets! Oh shit! RUN DUDE! Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck! Okay, he didn’t kill me. I thought he was going to drown me. Okay, jump over the thing this time. Don’t trip and fall So I have to get caught by those guys.

    Run, run. Hup. Yes! Made it. Maybe he’ll trip and fall. Ah, shi- AH FUCK! Motherfucker shot me! Oh, you can hear, like, his breath escaping him. Oh, I don’t like that. Okay, so I have to jump. Do have to hide behind the caravan? Maybe, let’s go! I like how I have no face either. Those guys don’t either, but they have masks on. So I just like hide here? What about the dude behind? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go! Ah, fuck. FUCK IT! Ok, so there’s a combination: you have to hide long enough for the truck to go by and and then you run.

    Got it, got it, I know how to do it now. Oh, they’re wearing like Cry masks. *chuckles* The animations are so good. Run little boy, run! Now hide… and run run run! you don’t see me! NO! Didn’t you have a gun before? RUN LITTLE BOY!!! Oh shit, oh sh- don’t follow me! Don’t fucking shoot at me! I’m just a little boy Uh oh (x3) OH FUCK! OH SHIT! AAH HAHA! Oh my god, that was terrifying! It was super fucking cool though.

    Oh God. Oh God, that is nice looking! Ooh I’m in love with this game a lot already! Look at the water effect, the rain, the lighting. So fucking awesome! Underneath the water. Underneath the water~ Underneath the water, haha. Am I safe? Oh thank god. Don’t- don’t turn your light at me! This would be terrifying in real life. This art style is phenomenal, I love it so much. I actually- I remember when I played LIMBO- Are those pigs? I remember when I played LIMBO ages ago I didn’t have a YouTube channel when I played it the first time I-I redid the series on YouTube though. I remember when I played the first time I actually wrote a review of it, just for myself Just in my own time There’s something really cozy about this, like the rain and everything.

    Oh! I love it. Go Frodo! Go through the swamps. Oh, cornfields! These are like a horror movie trope. Ohhh! (He’s having a good time!) Come on! *looking at the camera with expections* You have to admit, it’s pretty fucking cool looking! (oh yes it is) I’m getting very like movie vibes from it And I used to love being out in the rain in the forest And you’d hear like My fucking eyelashes are sticking together That’s one of the problems of having giant eyelashes (some would kill to have eyelashes like that) What’s that sound? I used to love being out in the forest a- in- during the rain And you’d hear the pitter patter of the rain on the leaves but you’d be dry underneath all the leaves So it was like out in the rain but you weren’t at the same time I saw- What’s on the ground next to me? Are those like little chicks? Ahw~ They’re cute~ That’s what’s making the noise This is AWEsome Sorry, I go on and on about visuals so much but The- It’s just really striking! These types of visuals stick in my head so much more than something that just looks incredibly realistic ’cause this is super stylised Aw there’s so many little chicks.

    There are a lot of dead pigs though… that can’t be good. Did foot and mouth strike again? Remember when foot and mouth was a big thing? Remember when we used to have to wash or walk like through the foot bath things? Aw~ the little chicks have nowhere to go and they’re following me You used to walk through the foot bath things to get to events Because foot and mouth disease was like a big thing while ago Oh, nice parkour roll! What does that do? Sweet F all Can I let the chicks in? I feel bad that they’re all out in the rain. I wanna save them! I love the little chicks! *wild chirping behind a wall* Here you go! There you go! Yeah! Yeah!! Chi-yAAY~ hihihi hi! Ahw they’re so cute! We used to have chicks back home We used to have little baby Ehh- OH Am I like letting out food? We used to have little baby ducks as well.

    Now pull this Pull it again Here we go- Oh, once more will do it *starting engine noises by vocalist Jack* *dancing time* Dance to it chicks! ~Hapata Hapata!~ Aw I like the way he jumps over the chicks What am I doing? *shock* Don’t you fucking tell me that I have to suck the chicks up into this! ..and kill them Oh, that better not be what you’re telling me! OH GOD NO NO Don’t make me do it Don’t make me do it OH I fired one of them Oh I’m saving them Oh thank god (same) Uh I thought I was killing them. I thought I was like blending them up. Okay I have to go all the way down here, and you guys are slower than me so I’ll have to run back. Come on lttle chicks! Come on! Ahw so cute! Can I pet them? Pet Them! No? Okay. Go GO GO! GO!! Sorry Chicks! Sorry, it’s gonna be a rough ride but hold on! Hold on to your little feathers! Oh god Did I just use the chicks to knock down a bale of hay? I just gattling gunned a bunch of chicks- uh now they have to stay here I’m sorry dudes, momma’s gotta go.

    But you got a hay bale to sleep next to! And it’s dryer in here than outside so please be safe *sniff* Goodbye my chicks! *crying* Mommy’s gotta go.. It’s actually kinda sad. I mean they’re gonna be better off than I am, I’m out in the fucking rain again, I’m gonna be killed by dudes with fucking guns. Thought this was a pile of babies. HUUH! Ahw Gawd! Eerrgh! Imagine if you’d have to do that in Assassin’s Creed? Leap of faith into a bunch of pigs. Here we go! Don’t let the thing crush you. I don’t actually think it could crush me. This is weird tho! Cause you can grab stuff from the side now! In LIMBO you could only grab it from one side or the other. You could only do that but like Here you can grab it from here as well but you’re kind of at the side of everything.

    Instead of being- like ‘Now I’m behind it’ but when you go over here and now you’re beside it and you climb up the side. So it’s like a weird 3D thing going on It’s not 100% 2D, I mean it basically is, but you know what I mean! (It’s 2.5D, we get you.) Ooh! It’s morning time! MORNING’S HERE THE MORNING’S HERE~~~ well, almost. Ahw gawd, I’m runnin’ through pig shit. Can I climb this fence? Ahh! I always get these vibes I remember when I used to drive home from college back to the cabin in the woods- is that Jesus on his cross up on the hill? – When I used to drive back from college, I’d go by like all these different like little farms and forests and trees and fields and it was like all this stuff and whenever I see nature I always have this memory of something in my head I get really nostalgic about something An I never know what it is! I always think back to like Lord of the Rings lately, if I see like huge clouds or storms or something, I think of The Witcher 3.

    Now when I think about rain, I’m probably gonna look back on this game. Pig: *squeals* Jack: Oh God- OH FUCK! AH! AH! AH! NO! NO! Oh, God. Can I actually jump over you? YES! Go little dude! Yeah- fuck! Thanks? You dead? Oh, fuck, no you’re not. Oh shit! I’m gonna keep jumping over him. Can I- Can I use you to get up here? Fuck! No no no no no no- Ah, fucking piggy! AHH! Aww.

    Are you okay? Can I use you to climb up? No. OH! OH! Oh, it was a leech! I thought it was a fucking- I thought it was his tail. You’re okay now piggy- Oh God, I have to use him. So it is like Limbo! LIMBO used to have those leeches that fell from the sky and made you crazy. I did not notice the dude back there. Do you have a leech in you as well? Oh, there’s bunches of people. What does this thing do? Oh! *dumbfounded* Whaaat? I’m controlling the people! Oh, this is weeeiiiird! Oh god! That’s so creepy! Ohh, they’re marching to my beat! What the fuck? Am I gonna end up killing them all? Are they all gonna get crushed? Please don’t get crushed ’cause of me. Oh God, oh God! Ok, they’re ok. They’re fine. But what’s wrong with you guys? Why are you like that? Okay, I’m getting definite concentration camp vibes from this game Ah God, that looks painful. There’s a very like, um, like everyone’s following something, like everyone’s being a puppet to something else.

    The minimalistic sound design is perfect. Ah, it’s daytime. Yay! It’s quite nice, actually. Really, like, beautiful scenery What’s that in the distance though? Hello? Oh there’s more of them. Is that why everyone in the van was just like standing still? That’s cool, but it’s so fucking creepy! This is like a horror game, almost. I really like it though. Don’t think I’m supposed to do that, I think I’m supposed to lower it. Here we go. CLOONK! Now climb the chain. Yo, this game is off the chain! Actually, it’s on the chain right now. This is cool though, right? (Sure is, Jack!) Oooh, spooky. Oh, God! Thank you. *quietly* Fuck… I hear more chicks! More chicken babies! Please! YAYYY! Chicken babies! Chickie- Ohhhhh! Maybe not. I’m sad. I thought they were just little chicks, but they were chirps. God, that was my footsteps. Thought I heard something chasing me The birds are back though, maybe they play a part in something I think one of the reasons I love these games as well is cuz there’s a big sense of like there’s something way bigger than the little boy going on.

    Like, there’s obviously something major going on in this game already, and in LIMBO, it was like all the creatures were way bigger than you. [crane sounds] Do I have to find the balance in this? Hmm, maybe not. Thought I had to find the balance in like raising it up. Ohhhkay? HUURRGGHH! Fuck! Maybe I do. Can I make that? See what I mean? You don’t put it all the way up, you put it a little bit up. HWAAAAAH! Dammit! That’s too low though. Maybe I’m not even supposed to do this. Huh! Yeah, anything low enough to be able to grab is too low. I’m not gonna be able to go then. Let’s jump off the edge and kill ourselves. No guts, no glory! (Annnnnnd dead!) Yep, smashed my face on the side of a train track. Oh, that looks so painful. And just a little *death grunt* Where am I now? Ok. Ohhhhhhhhh! (Now he gets it.) That’s fucking clever! That’s very clever. Not like me. Right, let’s do this this time. HWUH! Ju- Come on, you fuck! You should have made that! I’m trying it again.

    He should have made that. You all saw it! You all saw what he should-a do. HAAAH! Yes! There you go, little boy! Nice! Ok, that-that was good. Oh. Look out, birds! This safe is not so safe! We’ll break a hole in the ground. Ohhhhh! I know how work! If I had stayed on it, I would have died. See, playing LIMBO before this pays off. It’s been a while since I played LIMBO though. Sorry for all the comparisons, but it’s incredibly like LIMBO. I like the setup of this one a lot more though. There’s a lot more intrigue and mystery going on already. Safe! Let’s Batman this shit. Okay. Wait, is there anything over here that I need? [lever triggers door-opening sound] Ohhh-kay? Can I jump into this thing again? Oh, there’s a guy here. Oh, they go opposite each other! Oh, there are switches.There’s switches to stand on You can see the stuff to the top right there. Kay, how do I do this? Fuck. I don’t know how do Oh, I know how do, I know how do.

    You do this and then close back down the door. ‘Cos now his walk cycle isn’t going to be the same if i push them against the door. And then bring both back in. See what I mean? I did it! I am smart in brain-hole! What was back here though? Is that someone walking? What was under this? Hello. (And he broke it.) What did I just do? What was that? I have no idea. Man, I’m hungry. Oh, I would love a Subway sandwich right now. That’d be really- Sorry, I’m playing out something in my head.

    *laughs at himself* (Maybe he was thinking about Arin’s rant against Subway) Aw, this game is full of intrigue. I really like it. I’m really loving it! (Me too!) I’m also weirded out by it at the same time. (Yeah, me too.) So did the guys who are chasing me have no faces either? Or they do and they have masks on to make it look like they have no face? ‘Cos my character has no face. That’s something I’d love answered. Whoooaaaa! These devs really know how to set up like scenery. And the cameras and the lighting and everything. It’s impressive. Okay, get ready to jump. HWUH! Its people marching! Oh, there’s a huge like Nazi vibe going on and I don’t like it. Oh, just like marching perfectly. Don’t slip and fall and die. That would suck. Ohhhh God, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I should have been prepared. FUCK! Jump! Phew! I’m in the building anyway. That’s all I wanted to do. [listening to footsteps] It’s such a creepy sound, just listen to it. Aw man! So do they all have like leeches on them then? They’re not moving like humanly.

    They’re moving like zombies. And they’re all perfectly in unison. HRRRR! EAGH! Here we go. HRRRR! AHHH-HA! Nobody notice me, please! Oh God, Oh God, Oh God- Okay, I’m safe. So. From what I’m gathering so far is that they’re like rounding up people, turning them into puppets to do whatever the hell they want. But I’m like an out-lyer. Or maybe they turn them into them when they catch them. Maybe that’s why he caught me and didn’t kill me at first. And then the other guy just shot me ‘cos he was like, “Eh, better dead than escaping, so…” And everyone’s faceless. Maybe it’s supposed to be like uh, some sort of satire against human nature these days. Everyone’s faceless, everyone’s a puppet, everyone’s just marching along to corporation’s beats, kind of thing Can I move this ladder? Yeah, boy! Little boy, you are lucky that that was long enough for that What am I doing? Oh God, this got even creepier! Ah fuck! Holy shit! I didn’t think he could see me. Fuck me! Scared the shit outta me. Ok, so are you like a collector robot dude? Oh man, it’s like War Of The Worlds now! Okay, don’t go yet.

    And that dude reacts when he’s in the light. You see he get- like perks up when the light hits him. Go go go go go! Go go go! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh- Fuck! OH THIS IS BAD!! Oh God, what do I do when I get over there? We have to lift up a thing. NOT ENOUGH TIME! How? Do I have to go over and do it before I pull the switch? Maybe. Those are creepy! I imagine those are like things that you just sent out into the field and they- the drive around, then if they see people who are acting out of place, they just stick them with the thing. All the dudes in the ground were full of them.

    Yeah, lift it before we go anywhere. And then we have to turn on the power to get the elevator going, and then that’s why the robots come on. Okay! Awesome! If you’ve ever seen the- the movie- *sigh* I always do this, I always compare stuff to everything else. You ever seen the movie, ‘9’? Like, a very Tim Burton- Is it made by Tim Burton? I don’t think it is. It’s very Tim Burton-esque type movie though with, like Elijah Woods in it, and a big giant robot tries to chase them in that as well. Ok, we’re safe! It’s so creepy! Imagine if the world was like that.

    Like, you couldnt go outside because it was just giant robots coming to kill you at all times Feels like there might be a secret left. [pulsing music starts] *singing along to the music* Go away, ya shite bird! Oh God! Oh shit! Get up! Get- Fuck! Uh-oh! Oh, do I have to march with them?! Ohhhhh fuck! Oh weird! Ohh, so if I act out of place, are you gonna get me? I’m Way out of place! You can already tell I’m out of place. Oh, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me please! So they go like nine steps. *quietly counts the steps* Yeah, nine steps. Ok. Oh God, now I have to jump. Yeah, see the people in the background have masks on that have faces. Six, seven, eight, nine. HWUH! Oh, I was way off, but thank you! Nailed it! Oh, that is so creepy! Why are they just like staring at us? Oh fuck… Ah, crap. Now I have to turn around. I’m doing it. Fuck you, robot dude! Oh, perfect! Nailed it! Ooohhh, scary! Oh, God, please just let me escape.

    FUUCK!! I saw the others do it and I was like “Oh yeah, turn around.” I wasn’t supposed to. Oh, got it. I’m perfectly in sync now. Yeah! Nailed it! This is what training for the Backstreet Boys looks like Oh, I’m outside it, I’m outside it. You can’t get me, I’m outside it. Because this reminds me of like doing a goose step like the Nazis war march You can’t catch me, I’m doing it. Ohhh, I fucking nailed that one! Six, seven, eight, nine. I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m safe, you can do it to me now. *quietly counting the steps* Am I safe? The dogs are gonna get me. Ohhhh! No! No! Fuck, fuck ,fuck! Be careful, be careful. Oh fuck! WHAT THE FUCK-BALLS?! Oh God, that’s nasty! Oh jeez, was I supposed to just run? Probably. ‘Kay, get ready to move. Okay, when do we move? I-I’m adjusting the audio cause it was a bit loud. Oh God, when do I run? When do I run? When do I run? Go, Go, Go, Go, Go! Fuck it, Fuck it, Fuck it, just go! Just go! Just go! AAHHHHH! *sighs in relief* Oh, fuck me.

    That was insane! Oh shit! Oh shit! Fido’s still here! Fido’s still here! Fuck! Ahhhhh, nut-bags Oh, no! He just a little boy! ‘Kay, just keep fuckin’ running then. Oh wait, can I make the dog like jump back down in here? There we go, there we go, there we go. Now I have enough time, now I have enough time! GO! GO! WHUUUH! Can I make this dude like crush the dog? Okay- OKAY, no! That’s too close! That’s too close! Keep going! I like how the boy has to make the gestures as well. Where am !? Because LIMBO, the last few levels of LIMBO- spoiler alert but it’s-it’s been ages Well it’s not really a spoiler. The last few levels of Limbo were kind of industrial based. A lot of stuff that was going on and you ended up in like industry looking areas.

    Oh-kay. How the fuck do I do that now? I can’t get to the thing anymore! Wha-? Hmm. Let me see. Ah, keep pulling it! That’s the absolute maximum I can get to. Ahhh, now I get it. Now I get it. Oh God, no no no no no no no no no no no. Get out of the thing. There you go. I have to come back and climb that thing. Ha ha, clever! Such simple little puzzles but they’re so good! There we go! Nice! It’s so peaceful out here. And everything wants to kill me all the time. The dog is still back there as well. All the way across. All the way- my dude is like moonwalking! *laughs* *sings some Michael Jackson music* Wait, what happens if- when you hit that? Nothing.

    Okay. Ohhh, wait, I get it. Noo! Make the dude jump up here. Fuck! Wha-? Make him jump up here and get up. Make my little dude jump out. Did it! Nailed it! I like that *imitates background noise* kind of thing that’s going on. Ahhh, now I get it! I th- well, I think so. I think I have to push it and let it roll. Aannnd liiiike so! Dammit! I thought that’s what I had to do. Oh wait! There’s another thing up here! Ohhh, this is some Inception shit going on right now! What the fu- I’m still confused though! OW! Broke my ankles. Pull you across. Maybe if I jump down now, two dudes’ll jump down. Yes, okay. I still don’t get it. I don’t get where the boy goes after this. Ohhhh, I do get it! The boy doesn’t go anywhere. This dude jump into this and opens up the gate, And then the boy- Or I come down with the second guy. Come on! Turn around and jump. Oh wait, no. I have to lead him over this. It’s such simple puzzles, but like you have to like reason them out with yourself.

    ‘Kay, you can make it from here, right? Yes. So, HWUH! Then jump out and this guy goes- AHHH FUCK! No, he doesn’t! Shit! I had it and everything- Ah fuck! Come on, man! I knew what- I know what I’m supposed to do now but I’ve messed it up. And, jump out but I jump back in again Now I can go! Wha-? Where do I go? Oh, I just keep pulling this? Ohhh! Okay, I mean, still did it.

    Nice! Be careful. Don’t make too many sounds. That’s good, right? And then drop. Ahhh, balls! *laughs at stupid death* Shit! Please just start me there! just start me there and I’ll be good. Yesss! Thank you. ‘Kay, I supposed to stay here then. Not the entire way across it. And drop drop drop drop! Yessss! Fucking nailed it! Good on ya, little boy! That was intense! Wait, how do I get up? Or do I get up? Maybe I don’t.

    Okay! Well, I’m gonna leave this episode of this game here. I actually- when I started this off, I didn’t think like “Oh I’ll do a full Let’s Play on it” because I just wanted to play the game and i want to show it off for a video, but I probably will. I’ll probably do the entire game because it’s just so cool and I love it so much, already and I can’t wait to see like what the hell is going on in the game. I-I want to- I want to know what this big secret is. And I hope it’s nothing too ambiguous at the end of it, like when you finish it, you’re just kind of left to figure it out for yourself. Because LIMBO kind of did that. It ended and you were like, “…What?” kind of thing, so hopefully it’s not too obscure, because then I might not get it, but anyway… THANK YOU GUYS so much for watching this episode! If you liked it, PUNCH that like button IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS! And high fives all around! *Wa-pish!* *Wa-pish!* But thank you guys (and girls) and I will see all you dudes…

    IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! I hope you don’t drown, little boy. I hope you have enough energy to just stay there forever. Don’t drown like Jack Dawson. Jack Dawes. Dawson? Dawes? Who cares.. “,”vi”:”Top of the morning to ya’ laddies! Tu00ean mu00ecnh lu00e0 Jacksepticeye! Chu00e0o mu1eebng bu1ea1n u0111u1ebfn vu1edbi mu1ed9t tru00f2 chu01a1i tu00ean lu00e0 INSIDE Mu00ecnh chu1ec9 mu1edbi mu1edf game lu00ean thu00f4i vu00e0 cu00e1i du00f2ng chu1eef “Nhu1ea5n bu1ea5t ku1ef3 nu00fat nu00e0o” nu00e0y hiu1ec7n lu00ean Vu00ec vu1eady, mu00ecnh khu00f4ng muu1ed1n u0111i xa hu01a1n trong tru01b0u1eddng hu1ee3p u0111u00f3 lu00e0 menu chu00ednh hou1eb7c mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec khu00e1c Vu00e0, mu00ecnh nu00f3i chuyu1ec7n u00e1t cu1ea3 game Game nu00e0y u0111u01b0u1ee3c lu00e0m bu1edfi Playdead Studios, hu1ecd lu00e0 nhu1eefng ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u00e3 lu00e0m LIMBO, mu00e0 mu00ecnh, m-mu00ecnh cu00f3 lu00e0m mu1ed9t series vu1ec1 LIMBO tru00ean ku00eanh cu1ee7a mu00ecnh Uhm, mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 chu01a1i nu00f3 tu1eeb lu00e2u lu1eafm ru1ed3i, nhu01b0ng LIMBO lu00e0 mu1ed9t trong nhu1eefng indie game mu00ecnh yu00eau thu00edch nhu00e2t Bu1edfi vu00ec – cu00e1i cu00e1ch mu00e0 game u0111u01b0u1ee3c du1ef1ng lu00ean ru1ea5t hay, tu00ednh thu1ea9m mu1ef9 cu1ef1c ku1ef3 tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi, mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u Nu00f3 ru1ea5t lu00e0, kiu1ec3u nhu01b0, “tu1ed1i giu1ea3n” nhu01b0ng Ru1ea4T mu1ea1nh mu1ebd Vu00e0 mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1i ku1ebft thu00fac cu1ee7a nu00f3, vu00e0 cu00f3 ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u giu1ea3 thuyu1ebft xung quanh nu00f3 Mu00ecnh chu1ec9 lu00e0 yu00eau thu00edch cu00e1i game quu00e1 chu1eebng Vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 ngu01b0u1eddi ta giu1edbi thiu1ec7u Inside u1edf E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) hu1ed3i mu1ea5y tuu1ea7n tru01b0u1edbc vu00e0 nu00f3 lu00e0, nu00f3 lu00e0 mu1ed9t trong nhu1eefng thu1ee9 mu00ecnh thu00edch nhu1ea5t mu00e0 hu1ecd u0111u00e3 triu1ec3n lu00e3m tu1ea1i E3 Vu00e0 mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nu00f3i vu1eady bu1edfi vu00ec – bu1edfi vu00ec mu00ecnh muu1ed1n mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi- uhh- Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng phu1ea3i u0111ang nu00f3i quu00e1 lu00ean vu1ec1 cu00e1i game nu00e0y hay gu00ec hu1ebft Nu00f3 thu1ef1c su1ef1 lu00e0- mu1ed9t trong nhu1eefng trailer mu00e0 mu00ecnh thu00edch nhu1ea5t u1edf E3 Vu00e0 mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 quu00e1 chu1eebng, vu00ec vu1eady mu00ecnh thu1ef1c su1ef1 ru1ea5t mong u0111u01b0u1ee3c chu01a1i nu00f3, vu1eady nu00ean: *bu1ea5m bu1ea5t ku1ef3 nu00fat nu00e0o* Chu01a1i game thu00f4i INSIDE cu1ee7a Playdead.

    u0110ang tu1ea3i. Oh! u0110u00e1ng lu1ebd mu00ecnh nu00ean click vu00e0 nu00f3i chuyu1ec7n trong lu00fac chu1edd nu00f3 tu1ea3i :v Nhu01b0ng sao cu0169ng u0111u01b0u1ee3c, tu1ed1t hu01a1n hu1ebft lu00e0 khu00f4ng bu1ecf lu1ee1 bu1ea5t cu1ee9 u0111iu1ec1u gu00ec Vu00e0 mu00ecnh hy vu1ecdng ru1eb1ng mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 thu1ea5y u0111u01b0u1eddng bu1edfi vu00ec trong phu00f2ng mu00ecnh u0111ang ru1ea5t su00e1ng Vu00e0 mu00e0n hu00ecnh thu00ec ru1ea5t tu1ed1i Lu00fac nu00e0o cu0169ng cu00f3 mu1ed9t vu1ea5n u0111u1ec1 Ngu01b0u1eddi ta nu00f3i game nu00e0y nhu00ecn ru1ea5t u0111u1eb9p Cu00e1i gu00ec u0111ang diu1ec5n ra vu1eady? Oh! Oh yeah! Thu1ea5y chu01b0a, nu00f3 ru1ea5t giu1ed1ng LIMBO Ta cu1ee9 vu00e0o ngay luu00f4n Vu1eady thu00f4i! Chu00e0o mu1eebng u0111u1ebfn vu1edbi tru00f2 chu01a1i nha mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi! :> Hay lu1eafm! Okay, u0111u00e2y lu00e0 cu00e1i mu00e0 mu00ecnh thu00edch, bu1ea1n chu1ec9 nghe thu1ea5y nhu1eefng cu00e1i cu00e2y Bu1ea1n chu1ec9 nghe thu1ea5y thiu00ean nhiu00ean.

    Chu1ec9 cu00f3 vu1eady thu00f4i! Bu1ea1n khu00f4ng cu1ea7n bu1ea5t cu1ee9 u0111iu1ec1u gu00ec khu00e1c Okay, n-nu00fat nu00e0o mu00ecnh xu00e0i u0111u01b0u1ee3c? Mu00ecnh chu1ec9 cu00f3 thu1ec3 nhu1ea3y thu00f4i Chu1ec9 cu00f3 vu1eady Tu1ea5t cu1ea3 chu1ec9 cu00f3 vu1eady u0110u00f3 lu00e0 tu1ea5t cu1ea3 nhu1eefng gu00ec bu1ea1n cu1ea7n, bu00e2y bi Vu1eady bu00e2y giu1edd mu00ecnh phu1ea3i cu1ed1 gu1eafng ku1ebft nu1ed1i mu1ecdi thu1ee9 lu1ea1i xem tu1ea1i sao thu1eb1ng bu00e9 nu00e0y lu1ea1i trong ru1eebng u1edf giu1eefa hu01b0 khu00f4ng.

    Cu00f3 lu1ebd nu00f3 u1edf giu1eefa mu1ed9t nu01a1i nu00e0o u0111u00f3 Okay, thu1ebf giu1edbi hiu1ec7n u0111u1ea1i [Tiu1ebfng u0111u1ed9ng cu01a1 xe tu1ea3i] Oh! Oh!! OH!!! Hu00ecnh nhu01b0 cu00f3 mu1ed9t u0111u1ed1ng con nu00edt u0111u1eb1ng sau xe tu1ea3i? Cu00f3 phu1ea3i hu1eafn ta bu1eaft cu00f3c tru1ebb em? Cu00e1i quu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00e2y? Uh! Thu1eadt kinh khu1ee7ng Mu00ecnh cu1ea3m nhu1eadn mu1ed9t bu1ea7u khu00f4ng khu00ed- -kiu1ec3u giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 tru1ea1i tu1eadp trung (phu00e1t xu00edt) tu1eeb cu00e1i game nu00e0y Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng thu1ef1c su1ef1 biu1ebft lu00e0 tu1ea1i sao Nhu01b0ng mu00e0, cu00f3 mu1ed9t u0111u1ed1ng ngu01b0u1eddi u1edf phu00eda sau xe tu1ea3i! Vu00e0 hu1ecd bu1ecb u0111em u0111i hu1ebft Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng nghe thu1ea5y gu00ec hu1ebft! Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng nghe thu1ea5y gu00ec hu1ebft! u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i! Thu1eadt u0111u00e1ng su1ee3 Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111eo mu1eb7t nu1ea1 hu1ea3? Uh-oh Uh-oh Mu00ecnh u0111i u0111u01b0u1ee3c chu01b0a? Mu00ecnh u0111i ru1ed3i! Mu00ecnh u0111i ru1ed3i!! Mu00ecnh u0111i ru1ed3i!!! Gu1eb7p lu1ea1i sau nha! u0110M mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi! Tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi! Nhu00ecn cu00e1i phong cu00e1ch thu1ea9m mu1ef9 u0111u00f3 ku00eca! Nu00f3 ru1ea5t lu00e0 mwah! Nu00f3 ru1ea5t lu00e0 tuyu1ec7t, mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 quu00e1 tru1eddi Chu1ea1y qua hu1ebft chu1ed7 nu00e0y vu00e0 chui vu00f4 cu00e1i tu1ee7 lu1ea1nh Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 nu1eafm lu1ea5y cu00e1i tu1ee7 lu1ea1nh khu00f4ng? YA !!! Uh! Uggh! Di chuyu1ec3n nu00f3! Tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi! Chuyu1ec7n gu00ec u0111ang xu1ea3y ra vu1eady? Nu00f3 cu00f3 cu1ea3m giu00e1c ru1ea5t lu00e0 giu1ed1ng tru1ea1i tu1eadp trung, giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 lu00e0 bu1ecdn hu1ecd bu1eaft ngu01b0u1eddi ta u0111i u0111u1ebfn mu1ed9t tru1ea1i giam hou1eb7c tru1ea1i tu00f9 u1edf u0111u00e2u u0111u00f3 Oh! Cu00e1i-cu00e1i chiu1ec1u su00e2u thu1ec3 hiu1ec7n quu00e1 tu1ed1t Lu00fd do chu00ednh mu00ecnh thu00edch mu1ea5y game kiu1ec3u nu00e0y lu00e0 cu00e1i cu00e1ch hu1ecd chiu1ebfu su00e1ng u1eeam, mu00ecnh thu00edch ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u game vu00ec u00e1nh su00e1ng nhu01b0ng- Ohh! Cu1ea9n thu1eadn, u0111u1eebng ru01a1i vu00e0 lu00e0m vu1ee1 mu1eaft cu00e1 chu00e2n M-mu00ecnh khu00f4ng cu00f3- Tru1eddi u01a1i, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i lu1ea5y cu00e1i u0111u00f3 Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng cu00f3 du1ef1 cu1ea3m tu1ed1t lu00e0nh cho thu1eb1ng bu00e9 nu00e0y! Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nghu0129 ta su1ebd cu00f3 u0111u01b0u1ee3c mu1ed9t ku1ebft thu00fac tu1ed1t u0111u1eb9p Uh! Mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3 nu00f3i cho mu00ecnh biu1ebft lu00e0 u0111iu1ec1u xu1ea5u su1ebd xu1ea3y ra u1eeam, mu00ecnh cu00f3 lu1ebd su1ebd gu1eb7p nhiu1ec1u ku1ebft thu00fac xu1ea5u trong game nu00e0y bu1edfi vu00ec mu00ecnh phu00e1 hu1ebft mu1ea5y cu00e2u u0111u1ed1 Haha! Mu00ecnh tu1ef1 hu1ecfi lu00e0- mu1ea5y cu00e1i chu1ebft cu00f3 bu1ea1o lu1ef1c nhu01b0 trong Limbo khu00f4ng? Giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 lu00e0 bu1ecb ku1eb9t trong gai nhu1ecdn, bu1ecb nhu1ec7n khu1ed5ng lu1ed3 giu1ebft Chu1eafc lu00e0 khu00f4ng cu00f3 nhu1ec7n khu1ed5ng lu1ed3 trong nu00e0y ha (Hmm) Mu00ecnh ru1ea5t thu00edch cu00e1i u0111u00f3, cu00e1i cu00e1ch mu00e0 nu01b0u1edbc- eh u00e1nh su00e1ng chiu1ebfu tu1eeb bu00ean kia Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ea5y tui! Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ea5y sao, tui u0111ang nu00fap mu00e0! Nhu00ecn u0111i! [Chu00f3 su1ee7a] Oh fuck! Oh fuck! u0110i! u0110i u0111i cu1eadu bu00e9! u0110i! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Mu00ecnh lu00e0m gu00ec u0111u00e2y? Agh !!! Oh cu1ea3m u01a1n thu01b0u1ee3ng u0111u1ebf! Oh cu1ea3m u01a1n thu01b0u1ee3ng u0111u1ebf! Cu00e1i u0111u00f3 lu00e0m mu00ecnh su1ee3 hu1ebft hu1ed3n Mu00ecnh tu01b0u1edfng mu00ecnh lu00e0m cu00e1i gu00ec sai ru1ed3i con cu1edd hu00f3 u0111uu1ed5i theo mu00ecnh Crap! Ok, cu00e1i game nu00e0y nu00f3 vu1eady u0110i thu00f4i uhh- Billy bu00e9 nhu1ecf Hehe Tu00ean quu00e1 hay, ha! Ku00ec du1ecb thu1ebf nu00e0o u1ea5y Hu00ecnh nhu01b0 cu00f3 nhiu1ec1u xe tu1ea3i hu01a1n? u0110ang tu1edbi gu1ea7n! Su1eafp chu1ea1y du1ecdc theo con u0111u01b0u1eddng ru1ed3i! Chu00ednh xu00e1c! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh! Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ea5y tui! Tiu1ebfp tu1ee5c chu1ea1y! Chu1ea1y u0111i nhu00f3c! Nhanh hu01a1n thu00ec tu1ed1t hu01a1n! Oh nu00fap! Nu00fap! Nu00fap! Nu00fap! Nu00fap! Oh ~~~, tu1ed1t lu1eafm! Ah-hah! u0110u01b0u1ee3c! Mu00ecnh cu00f3 mu1ed9t cu00e1i- kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 bu1ea3n nu0103ng tu1eeb Limbo u0111u1ec3 u0111i tiu1ebfp Kiu1ec3u nhu01b0- Oh! Bu1ea1n chu1ec9 cu1ea7n tiu1ebfp tu1ee5c chu1ea1y vu1ec1 phu00eda tru01b0u1edbc vu00e0 ru1ed3i bu1ecdn hu1ecd nhu00ecn thu1ea5y bu1ea1n, thu1ebf lu00e0 bu1ea1n phu1ea3i chu1ea1y ngu01b0u1ee3c lu1ea1i Oh, yeah! Mu00ecnh thu00edch mu1ea5y thu1ee9 nu00e0y Mu00ecnh ru1ea5t thu00edch- cu00e1i hu1ed3i mu00ecnh cu00f2n nhu1ecf, u1eebm, khu00f4ng phu1ea3i nhu1ecf hu01a1n bu00e2y giu1edd, cu0169ng khu00f4ng phu1ea3i ru1ea5t ru1ea5t nhu1ecf Khi mu00ecnh- hu1ed3i mu1ea5y nu0103m tru01b0u1edbc, mu00ecnh thu00edch u0111u01b0u1ee3c u1edf trong ru1eebng vu00e0o ban u0111u00eam Vu00e0 nghe thu1ea5y tu1ea5t cu1ea3 thiu00ean nhiu00ean xu1ea3y ra xung quanh mu00ecnh Nghe thu1ea5y mu1ea5y con bu1ecd, nghe mu1ea5y con u0111u1ed9ng vu1eadt, ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u thu1ee9 khu00e1c nhau.

    Uh-Oh! Oh nhu00ecn ngu1ea7u quu00e1, Oh chu1ebft mu1ee3 Oh shit! CHu1ea0Y u0110I NHu00d3C! Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck! Okay, hu1eafn ta khu00f4ng giu1ebft mu00ecnh. Mu00ecnh cu1ee9 nghu0129 lu00e0 hu1eafn su1ebd du00ecm nu01b0u1edbc mu00ecnh Okay, giu1edd phu1ea3i nhu1ea3y qua cu00e1i u0111u00f3. Khu00f4ng cu00f3 vu1ea5p ru1ed3i ngu00e3 Vu1eady lu00e0 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i bu1ecb phu00e1t hiu1ec7n. Chu1ea1y, chu1ea1y Hup. Tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi! Lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! Cu00f3 thu1ec3 hu1eafn ta su1ebd vu1ea5p tu00e9 Ah, shi- AH FUCK! Thu1eb1ng chu00f3 u0111u00f3 bu1eafn mu00ecnh! Oh, bu1ea1n cu00f3 thu1ec3 nghe thu1ea5y tiu1ebfng hu01a1i thu1edf thou00e1t ra Oh, mu00ecnh khu00f4ng thu00edch u0111iu1ec1u u0111u00f3.

    Okay, vu1eady lu00e0 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i nhu1ea3y. Mu00ecnh cu00f3 phu1ea3i nu00fap sau cu00e1i xe khu00f4ng? Cu00f3 lu1ebd. u0110i thu00f4i! Mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1i lu00e0 mu00ecnh cu0169ng khu00f4ng cu00f3 mu1eb7t Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u00f3 cu0169ng khu00f4ng cu00f3, nhu01b0ng mu00e0 hu1ecd u0111eo mu1eb7t nu1ea1. Vu1eady lu00e0 mu00ecnh cu1ee9 nu00fap u1edf u0111u00e2y? Cu00f2n mu1ea5y cu00e1i thu1eb1ng u0111uu1ed5i u1edf sau? u0110i, u0111i, u0111i, u0111i, u0111i, u0111i, u0111i! u0110i u0111i u0111i! Ah, fuck. FUCK IT! Ok, vu1eady lu00e0 phu1ea3i ku1ebft hu1ee3p: bu1ea1n phu1ea3i nu00fap u0111u1ee7 lu00e2u cho xe tu1ea3i chu1ea1y u0111i vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 bu1ea1n mu1edbi chu1ea1y.

    u0110u00e3 hiu1ec3u, u0111u00e3 hiu1ec3u, mu00ecnh biu1ebft phu1ea3i lu00e0m sao ru1ed3i Oh, mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u00f3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 u0111ang mang mu1eb7t nu1ea1 cu1ee7a Cry vu1eady * Cu01b0u1eddi khu00fac khu00edch * Hou1ea1t hu00ecnh ru1ea5t u0111u1eb9p. Chu1ea1y u0111i cu1eadu bu00e9, chu1ea1y! Giu1edd nu00fap!… vu00e0 chu1ea1y chu1ea1y chu1ea1y! Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ea5y tui! KHu00d4NG! Hu1eafn ta cu00f3 su00fang nu00e3y giu1edd hu1ea3? CHu1ea0Y u0110I Cu1eacU NHu00d3C!!! Oh shit, oh sh- u0111u1eebng cu00f3 theo tui!!! Cu1ea5m cu00f3 bu1eafn tui! Tui chu1ec9 lu00e0 mu1ed9t cu1eadu bu00e9 D: Uh oh (x3) OH FUCK! OH SHIT! AAH HAHA! u00d4i thu01b0u1ee3ng u0111u1ebf, quu00e1 su1ee9c hu00e3i hu00f9ng! Hay quu00e1 tru1eddi quu00e1 u0111u1ea5t u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i.

    u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i, cu1ea3nh tu01b0u1ee3ng quu00e1 u0111u1eb9p! Ooh chu01b0a gu00ec mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 yu00eau cu00e1i game nu00e0y quu00e1 tru1eddi Nhu00ecn vu00e0o cu00e1i hiu1ec7u u1ee9ng nu01b0u1edbc, mu01b0a, u00e1nh su00e1ng. Quu00e1 ngu1ea7u! Bu00ean du01b0u1edbi nu01b0u1edbc. Bu00ean du01b0u1edbi mu1eb7t nu01b0u1edbc ~ ~Bu00ean du01b0u1edbi mu1eb7t nu01b0u1edbc, haha~ Mu00ecnh an tou00e0n chu01b0a? Oh cu1ea3m u01a1n thu1ea7n.

    u0110u1eebng- u0111u1eebng cu00f3 chiu1ebfu tui! Cu00e1i nu00e0y su1ebd ru1ea5t u0111u00e1ng su1ee3 nu1ebfu mu00e0 u1edf ngou00e0i u0111u1eddi Cu00e1i phong cu00e1ch thu1ea9m mu1ef9 nu00e0y quu00e1 su1ee9c tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi, mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 quu00e1 tru1eddi Mu00ecnh- mu00ecnh nhu1edb khi mu00ecnh chu01a1i LIMBO- u0110u00f3 lu00e0 mu1ea5y con lu1ee3n hu1ea3? Mu00ecnh nhu1edb khi mu00ecnh chu01a1i LIMBO hu1ed3i lu00e2u ru1ed3i Mu00ecnh cu00f2n chu01b0a cu00f3 ku00eanh YouTube khi mu00ecnh chu01a1i nu00f3 lu1ea7n u0111u1ea7u tiu00ean. Mu00ecnh chu01a1i lu1ea1i khi mu00ecnh u0111u0103ng lu00ean Youtube Mu00ecnh cu00f2n nhu1edb khi mu00ecnh chu01a1i lu1ea7n u0111u1ea7u tiu00ean Mu00ecnh thu1ef1c su1ef1 u0111u00e3 viu1ebft mu1ed9t bu00e0i u0111u00e1nh giu00e1 vu1ec1 nu00f3, chu1ec9 cho bu1ea3n thu00e2n mu00ecnh thu00f4i Trong thu1eddi gian ru1ea3nh cu1ee7a mu00ecnh Cu00f3 u0111iu1ec1u gu00ec u0111u00f3 thu1ef1c su1ef1 u1ea5m cu00fang, kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 mu01b0a vu00e0 cu00e1c thu1ee9 Oh! Mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 u0110i thu00f4i Frodo! u0110i qua vu00f9ng u0111u1ea7m lu1ea7y Oh, cu00e1nh u0111u1ed3ng ngu00f4! Kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 mu1ed9t bu1ed9 phim kinh du1ecb Ohhhhhhhhh! Thu00f4i nu00e0o! Bu1ea1n phu1ea3i thu1eeba nhu1eadn thu00f4i, nu00f3 u0111u1eb9p chu1ebft ngu01b0u1eddi chu1ee9 lu1ecb! Mu00ecnh cu1ea3m giu00e1c nhu01b0 mu1ed9t bu1ed9 phim u1ea5y Vu00e0 mu00ecnh ru1ea5t thu00edch u0111u01b0u1ee3c ra ngou00e0i tru1eddi mu01b0a u1edf trong ru1eebng Vu00e0 bu1ea1n nghe thu1ea5y- Mu1ea5y cu1ecdng lu00f4ng mi chu1ebft tiu1ec7t cu1ee7a mu00ecnh bu1ecb du00ednh u0110u00f3 lu00e0 mu1ed9t cu00e1i phiu1ec1n cu1ee7a viu1ec7c cu00f3 lu00f4ng mi quu00e1 nhiu1ec1u (=_= ) Tiu1ebfng gu00ec u0111u00f3? Mu00ecnh ru1ea5t thu00edch u1edf trong ru1eebng u1eebm- khi tru1eddi u0111ang mu01b0a Bu1ea1n nghe tiu1ebfng tic toc tru00ean lu00e1 cu00e2y nhu01b0ng bu1ea1n u0111u1ee9ng du01b0u1edbi tu00e1n lu00e1 mu1ed9t cu00e1ch khu00f4 ru00e1o Nu00ean, nu00f3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 bu1ea1n u1edf ngou00e0i mu01b0a nhu01b0ng u0111u1ed3ng thu1eddi bu1ea1n khu00f4ng u1edf ngou00e0i mu01b0a vu1eady Mu00ecnh nhu00ecn thu1ea5y- Cu00f3 gu00ec u0111u00f3 tru00ean mu1eb7t u0111u1ea5t cu1ea1nh mu00ecnh? Hu00ecnh nhu01b0 lu00e0 mu1ea5y con gu00e0 con? AHW ~ Tu1ee5i nu00f3 du1ec5 thu01b0u01a1ng quu00e1 u0111i~ Vu1eady tiu1ebfng u1ed3n kia lu00e0 cu1ee7a tu1ee5i nu00f3 Tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi Xin lu1ed7i nha, mu00ecnh nu00f3i u0111i nu00f3i lu1ea1i vu1ec1 hu00ecnh u1ea3nh ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u nhu01b0ng Nu00f3- nu00f3 thu1eadt su1ef1 nu1ed5i bu1eadt! Nhu1eefng cu1ea3nh nhu01b0 thu1ebf nu00e0y u1edf trong u0111u1ea7u mu00ecnh lu00e2u hu01a1n mu1ed9t thu1ee9 mu00e0 chu1ec9 tru00f4ng vu00f4 cu00f9ng thu1ef1c bu1edfi vu00ec mu1ea5y thu1ee9 nu00e0y ru1ea5t cu00e1ch u0111iu1ec7u Aw cu00f3 ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u gu00e0 con nhu1ecf bu00e9 Cu0169ng cu00f3 ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u lu1ee3n chu1ebft…

    Cu00e1i u0111u00f3 khu00f4ng tu1ed1t chu00fat nu00e0o Lu1edf mu1ed3m long mu00f3ng tu1ea5n cu00f4ng lu1ea7n nu1eefa hu1ea3? Cu00f2n nhu1edb hu1ed3i du1ecbch lu1edf mu1ed3m long mu00f3ng khu00f4ng? Nhu1edb cu00e1i hu1ed3i phu1ea3i ru1eeda trong mu1ea5y cu00e1i bu1ed3n ru1eeda chu00e2n u0111u00f3? Aw ~ mu1ea5y bu00e9 gu00e0 con khu00f4ng cu00f3 chu1ed7 u0111u1ec3 u0111i vu00e0 tu1ee5i nu00f3 u0111ang u0111i theo mu00ecnh Hu1ed3i u0111u00f3 bu1ea1n phu1ea3i u0111i qua mu1ea5y cu00e1i u0111u1ed3 ru1eeda chu00e2n u0111u1ec3 tham du1ef1 su1ef1 kiu1ec7n Bu1edfi vu00ec bu1ec7nh lu1edf mu1ed3m long mu00f3ng giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 lu00e0 mu1ed9t u0111u1ea1i du1ecbch hu1ed3i u0111u00f3 Oh, ku1ef9 thuu1eadt parkour quu00e1 chuu1ea9n! Cu00e1i u0111u00f3 u0111u1ec3 lu00e0m gu00ec? Chu1eb3ng lu00e0m gu00ec cu1ea3 Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 cho mu1ea5y con gu00e0 vu00f4 khu00f4ng? Mu00ecnh cu1ea3m thu1ea5y tu1ec7 khi u0111u1ec3 chu00fang ngou00e0i mu01b0a.

    Mu00ecnh muu1ed1n cu1ee9u tu1ee5i nu00f3 <3 Mu00ecnh thu00edch mu1ea5y con gu00e0 con nhu1ecf bu00e9! *Tiu1ebfng chu00edp chu00edp sau cu00e1nh cu1eeda* u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! Yeah! Yeah !! Chi-yAAY ~ hihihi hi! AHW tu1ee5i nu00f3 du1ec5 thu01b0u01a1ng quu00e1 u0111i! Hu1ed3i u0111u00f3 nhu00e0 mu00ecnh cu0169ng nuu00f4i gu00e0 Mu00ecnh cu0169ng cu00f3 mu1ea5y bu00e9 gu00e0 Ehh- OH Mu00e1y su1ea3n xuu1ea5t thu1ef1c phu1ea9m hu1ea3? Nhu00e0 mu00ecnh cu0169ng cu00f3 mu1ea5y bu00e9 vu1ecbt nu1eefa Bu00e2y giu1edd ku00e9o nu00e0y Ku00e9o mu1ed9t lu1ea7n nu1eefa u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i- Oh, mu1ed9t lu1ea7n nu1eefa lu00e0 u0111u01b0u1ee3c *Tiu1ebfng u0111u1ed9ng cu01a1 khu1edfi u0111u1ed9ng bu1edfi ca su0129 Jack* *giu1edd nhu1ea3y bu1eaft u0111u1ea7u* Nhu1ea3y theo u0111i gu00e0! ~ Hapata Hapata! ~ Aw Mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1ch thu1eb1ng nhu00f3c nhu1ea3y qua mu1ea5y con gu00e0 Mu00ecnh u0111ang lu00e0m gu00ec vu1eady? *su1ed1c* Cu1ea5m cu00f3 nu00f3i lu00e0 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i hu00fat mu1ea5y bu00e9 gu00e0 con lu00ean tru00ean u0111u00f3! ..vu00e0 giu1ebft tu1ee5i nu00f3 Oh, u0111u1eebng cu00f3 nu00f3i vu1edbi mu00ecnh nhu01b0 vu1eady OH THu1ea6N THu00c1NH u01a0I KHu00d4NG KHu00d4NG u0110u1eebng bu1eaft mu00ecnh lu00e0m vu1eady OH Mu00ecnh bu1eafn mu1ea5y u0111u1ee9a ru1ed3i Oh Mu00ecnh cu1ee9u tu1ee5i nu00f3 Oh cu1ea3m u01a1n thu00e1nh thu1ea7n Uh mu00ecnh cu1ee9 nghu0129 ru1eb1ng mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 giu1ebft chu1ebft tu1ee5i nu00f3.

    Mu00ecnh tu01b0u1edfng lu00e0 mu00ecnh tru1ed9n tu1ee5i nu00f3 lu00ean Okay Mu00ecnh phu1ea3i u0111i xuu1ed1ng tu1eadn du01b0u1edbi nu00e0y, mu1ea5y con gu00e0 chu1eadm hu01a1n nu00ean mu00ecnh phu1ea3i chu1ea1y vu1ec1 u0110i thu00f4i mu1ea5y con gu00e0 bu00e9 nhu1ecf! Thu00f4i nu00e0o! AHW quu00e1 du1ec5 thu01b0u01a1ng! Mu00ecnh nu1ef1ng tu1ee5i nu00f3 u0111u01b0u1ee3c khu00f4ng? Nu1ef1ng u1ea5y! Khu00f4ng hu1ea3? Okay u0110i u0110I u0110I! u0110I!! Xin lu1ed7i gu00e0! Xin lu1ed7i, nu00f3 su1ebd lu00e0 mu1ed9t chuyu1ebfn u0111i khu00f3 khu0103n nhu01b0ng hu00e3y cu1ed1 lu00ean! Bu00e1m vu00f4 mu1ea5y su1ee3i lu00f4ng nhu1ecf u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i Mu00ecnh mu1edbi du00f9ng mu1ea5y con gu00e0 u0111u1ec3 u0111u1ea9y xuu1ed1ng mu1ed9t kiu1ec7n cu1ecf khu00f4? Mu00ecnh vu1eeba mu1edbi bu1eafn liu00ean thanh mu1ed9t u0111u1ed1ng gu00e0- uh bu00e2y giu1edd tu1ee5i nu00f3 phu1ea3i u1edf lu1ea1i u0111u00e2y Mu1eb9 xin lu1ed7i mu1ea5y u0111u1ee9a, mu1eb9 phu1ea3i u0111i u0111u00e2y! Nhu01b0ng mu1ea5y u0111u1ee9a cu00f3 mu1ed9t kiu1ec7n cu1ecf khu00f4 bu00ean cu1ea1nh u0111u1ec3 ngu1ee7! Vu00e0 u1edf trong nu00e0y khu00f4 ru00e1o hu01a1n u1edf ngou00e0i tru1eddi cho nu00ean bu1ea3o tru1ecdng nha *Hu00edt mu0169i* Tu1ea1m biu1ec7t gu00e0 con cu1ee7a tu00f4i! *Khu00f3c* Mu1eb9 phu1ea3i u0111i thu00f4i ..

    Nu00f3 thu1ef1c su1ef1 hu01a1i buu1ed3n. u00dd mu00ecnh lu00e0 tu1ee5i nu00f3 su1ebd su1ed1ng tu1ed1t hu01a1n mu00ecnh. Giu1edd mu00ecnh lu1ea1i phu1ea3i ra ngou00e0i mu01b0a, bu1ecb giu1ebft bu1edfi mu1ea5y thu1eb1ng cha cu00f3 su00fang Cu1ee9 tu01b0u1edfng lu00e0 mu1ed9t u0111u1ed1ng em bu00e9. HUUH! AHW Gawd! Eerrgh! Tu01b0u1edfng tu01b0u1ee3ng phu1ea3i lu00e0m u0111iu1ec1u u0111u00f3 trong Creed Assassin? Bu01b0u1edbc nhu1ea3y vu1ecdt cu1ee7a u0111u1ee9c tin vu00e0o mu1ed9t nu00f9i lu1ee3n u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i u0110u1eebng nu00f3 u0111u00e8 bu1eb9p Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng thu1ef1c su1ef1 nghu0129 ru1eb1ng nu00f3 cu00f3 thu1ec3 u0111u00e8 bu1eb9p mu00ecnh Cu00e1i nu00e0y mu1edbi lu00e0 lu1ea1! Giu1edd bu1ea1n cu00f3 thu1ec3 tu00f3m lu1ea5y u0111u1ed3 tu1eeb bu00ean hu00f4ng! Trong LIMBO bu1ea1n chu1ec9 cu00f3 thu1ec3 ku00e9o u0111u1ea9y nu00f3 tu1eeb bu00ean nu00e0y hay bu00ean kia Bu1ea1n chu1ec9 cu00f3 thu1ec3 lu00e0m vu1eady thu00f4i u1ede u0111u00e2y bu1ea1n cu00f3 thu1ec3 tu00fam nu00f3 tu1eeb u0111u00e2y cu0169ng u0111u01b0u1ee3c nhu01b0ng bu1ea1n u1edf bu00ean cu1ea1nh mu1ecdi thu1ee9 Kiu1ec3u nhu01b0- ‘Bu00e2y giu1edd mu00ecnh u1edf phu00eda sau” nhu01b0ng bu1ea1n u0111i qua vu00e0 giu1edd bu1ea1n u0111ang ku1ebf bu00ean nu00f3 vu00e0 leo lu00ean mu1ed9t bu00ean u0110u1ea1i lou1ea1i nu00f3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 mu1ed9t kiu1ec3u 3D ku00ec lu1ea1 Nu00f3 khu00f4ng phu1ea3i 100% 2D, u00fd mu00ecnh- cu00f3 nghu0129a lu00e0- nu00f3 vu1ec1 cu01a1 bu1ea3n lu00e0, Bu1ea1n biu1ebft u00fd mu00ecnh ru1ed3i u0111u00f3!!! (u00dd lu00e0 2,5D, u0111u00e3 hiu1ec3u) Ooh! Tru1eddi su00e1ng! ~BUu1ed4I Su00c1NG Tu1edaI Ru1ed2I u0110u00c2Y~BUu1ed4I Su00c1NG Tu1edaI Ru1ed2I u0110u00c2Y~ u1eeam, gu1ea7n nhu01b0 lu00e0 vu1eady.

    AHW gawd, mu00ecnh u0111ang chu1ea1y qua phu00e2n lu1ee3n Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 leo lu00ean hu00e0ng ru00e0o nu00e0y khu00f4ng? Ahh! Mu00ecnh lu00fac nu00e0o cu0169ng cu00f3 cu1ea3m giu00e1c nu00e0y Mu00ecnh nhu1edb hu1ed3i mu00ecnh lu00e1i xe tu1eeb tru01b0u1eddng vu1ec1 nhu00e0 u1edf trong ru1eebng- u0110u00f3 cu00f3 phu1ea3i Jesus tru00ean thu00e1nh giu00e1 tru00ean u0111u1ed3i khu00f4ng? Khi u0111i hu1ecdc vu1ec1, mu00ecnh u0111i qua cu00e1c thu1ee9 nhu01b0 cu00e1c trang tru1ea1i nhu1ecf, ru1eebng cu00e2y vu00e0 cu00e1nh u0111u1ed3ng vu00e0 cu00e1c thu1ee9 nhu01b0 thu1ebf vu00e0 khi nu00e0o mu00ecnh nhu00ecn thu1ea5y thiu00ean nhiu00ean mu00ecnh luu00f4n cu00f3 cu00e1i ku00fd u1ee9c hay mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3 trong u0111u1ea7u Mu00ecnh cu00f3 cu1ea3m giu00e1c ru1ea5t hou00e0i niu1ec7m vu1ec1 mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3 Vu00e0 mu00ecnh chu1eb3ng bao giu1edd biu1ebft u0111u00f3 lu00e0 cu00e1i gu00ec! Kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 phim Chu00faa nhu1eabn gu1ea7n u0111u00e2y, nu1ebfu mu00ecnh thu1ea5y mu1ed9t u0111u00e1m mu00e2y ru1ea5t lu1edbn, bu00e3o hou1eb7c mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3, ~Mu00ecnh u0111ang nghu0129 vu1ec1 The Witcher 3 Giu1edd khi mu00ecnh nghu0129 vu1ec1 mu01b0a, cu00f3 lu1ebd mu00ecnh su1ebd nhu1edb lu1ea1i tru00f2 chu01a1i nu00e0y Lu1ee3n: *la lu00ean* Jack: Oh God- OH FUCK! AH! AH! AH! KHu00d4NG! KHu00d4NG! u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 nhu1ea3y qua khu00f4ng? Cu00d3 THu1ec2! Tiu1ebfp u0111i nhu00f3c! Yeah- fuck! Cu1ea3m u01a1n? Chu1ebft chu01b0a lu1ee3n? Oh, fuck, khu00f4ng chu01b0a chu1ebft Oh shit! Mu00ecnh phu1ea3i tiu1ebfp tu1ee5c nhu1ea3y qua con lu1ee3n Mu00ecnh- mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 du00f9ng con lu1ee3n u0111u1ec3 nhu1ea3y lu00ean kia u0111u01b0u1ee3c khu00f4ng? Fuck! Khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng- Ah, fucking heo! AHH! Aww.

    Cu00f3 sao khu00f4ng lu01a1n? Mu00ecnh leo lu00ean tru00ean u0111u01b0u1ee3c khu00f4ng- Khu00f4ng OH! OH! Oh, u0111u00f3 lu00e0 mu1ed9t con u0111u1ec9a! Mu00ecnh cu1ee9 nghu0129- mu00ecnh tu01b0u1edfng nu00f3 lu00e0 cu00e1i u0111uu00f4i lu1ee3n u1ed4n ru1ed3i lu1ee3n- u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i du00f9ng con lu1ee3n Nu00f3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 Limbo! Limbo cu00f3 nhu1eefng con u0111u1ec9a ru01a1i tu1eeb tru00ean tru1eddi xuu1ed1ng vu00e0 lu00e0m bu1ea1n u0111iu00ean Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng u0111u1ec3 u00fd lu00e0 cu00f3 mu1ed9t anh chu00e0ng u1edf u0111u00f3 Anh bu1ea1n cu0169ng cu00f3 mu1ed9t con u0111u0129a trong ngu01b0u1eddi hu1ea3? Oh, cu00f3 mu1ed9t u0111u1ed1ng ngu01b0u1eddi Cu00e1i nu00e0y u0111u1ec3 lu00e0m gu00ec? Oh! *Chu1ebft lu1eb7ng* Cu00e1i gu00ec?????? Mu00ecnh u0111ang u0111iu1ec1u khiu1ec3n mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u00f3! Oh, thu1eadt lu00e0 quu00e1i du1ecb! u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i! Thu1eadt lu00e0 u0111u00e1ng su1ee3! Ohh, bu1ecdn hu1ecd u0111ang bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u theo mu00ecnh! What the fuck? Cuu1ed1i cu00f9ng mu00ecnh su1ebd giu1ebft chu1ebft bu1ecdn hu1ecd phu1ea3i khu00f4ng? Cu00f3 phu1ea3i tu1ea5t cu1ea3 hu1ecd u0111u1ec1u su1ebd bu1ecb u0111u00e8 bu1eb9p? u0110u1eebng bu1ecb u0111u00e8 bu1eb9p vu00ec mu00ecnh u00d4i Chu00faa, lu1ea1y Chu00faa! Ok, hu1ecd u1ed5n Hu1ecd vu1eabn u1ed5n Nhu01b0ng mu00e0 bu1ecdn hu1ecd bu1ecb sao vu1eady? Tu1ea1i sao bu1ecdn hu1ecd lu1ea1i nhu01b0 vu1eady? Okay, mu00ecnh ru1ea5t cu00f3 cu1ea3m giu00e1c tru1ea1i tu1eadp trung tu1eeb game nu00e0y Ah God, tru00f4ng cu00f3 vu1ebb u0111au Cu00f3 mu1ed9t cu00e1i ru1ea5t lu00e0, um- lu00e0 mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi u0111i theo mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3, mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u1ec1u lu00e0 con ru1ed1i cu1ee7a mu1ed9t ai u0111u00f3 u00c2m thanh thiu1ebft ku1ebf tu1ed1i giu1ea3n ru1ea5t hou00e0n hu1ea3o.

    Ah, u0111ang lu00e0 ban ngu00e0y. Yay! Tru00f4ng khu00e1 lu00e0 u0111u1eb9p. Thu1eadt vu1eady. Cu1ea3nh quan tru00f4ng ru1ea5t u0111u1eb9p Cu00e1i u1edf xa xa ngou00e0i kia lu00e0 cu00e1i gu00ec? Xin chu00e0o? Oh hu1ecd cu00f2n u0111u00f4ng hu01a1n thu1ebf nu1eefa Cu00f3 phu1ea3i u0111u00f3 lu00e0 lu00fd do tu1ea1i sao mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi trong xe tu1ea3i cu0169ng u0111u1ee9ng yu00ean? Tuyu1ec7t thu1eadt, mu00e0 cu0169ng u0111u00e1ng su1ee3 thu1eadt :< Gu1ea7n nhu01b0 giu1ed1ng mu1ed9t game kinh du1ecb Mu00ecnh vu1eabn ru1ea5t thu00edch nu00f3 Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nghu0129 lu00e0 mu00ecnh nu00ean lu00e0m vu1eady, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i hu1ea1 thu1ea5p nu00f3 xuu1ed1ng u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i.

    CLOONK! Bu00e2y giu1edd tru00e8o lu00ean su1ee3i xu00edch Yo, game nu00e0y thu1eadt su1ef1 “thou00e1t khu1ecfi lu1ed1i mu00f2n”! (Pun intended) u0110u00fang lu00e0 thou00e1t khu1ecfi lu1ed1i mu00f2n thiu1ec7t Hay quu00e1, phu1ea3i khu00f4ng? (Chu1eafc chu1eafn ru1ed3i, Jack!) Oooh, ma quu00e1i. u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i! Cu00e1m u01a1n! *Mu1ed9t cu00e1ch lu1eb7ng lu1ebd* fuck … Mu00ecnh nghe thu1ea5y nhiu1ec1u gu00e0 con! Nhiu1ec1u gu00e0 con hu01a1n! YAYYY! Gu00e0 con! Gu00e0 bu00e9 bu1ecfng- Ohhhhh! Khu00f4ng phu1ea3i sao… Tu00f4i buu1ed3n. Mu00ecnh tu01b0u1edfng tu1ee5i nu00f3 lu00e0 gu00e0 con nhu1ecf bu00e9, nhu01b0ng tu1ee5i nu00f3 lu00e0 chim God, u0111u00f3 lu00e0 tiu1ebfng bu01b0u1edbc chu00e2n cu1ee7a mu00ecnh.

    Cu1ee9 tu01b0u1edfng cu00f3 ngu01b0u1eddi u0111uu1ed5i theo mu00ecnh Mu1ea5y con chim quay tru1edf lu1ea1i, cu00f3 thu1ec3 tu1ee5i nu00f3 lu00e0 mu1ed9t phu1ea7n cu1ee7a mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3 Mu00ecnh nghu0129 ru1eb1ng mu1ed9t trong nhu1eefng lu00fd do mu00ecnh thu00edch mu1ea5y tru00f2 nu00e0y lu00e0 vu00ec- luu00f4n cu00f3 mu1ed9t cu1ea3m giu00e1c lu00e0 cu00f3 mu1ed9t cu00e1i gu00ec u0111u00f3 to lu1edbn hu01a1n chu1ee9 khu00f4ng chu1ec9 lu00e0 vu1ec1 mu1ed9t cu1eadu bu00e9 u0110u1ea1i lou1ea1i nhu01b0, ru00f5 ru00e0ng lu00e0 cu00f3 gu00ec u0111u00f3 quan tru1ecdng xu1ea3y ra trong game nu00e0y vu00e0 trong LIMBO, nu00f3 kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 tu1ea5t cu1ea3 cu00e1c sinh vu1eadt u0111u1ec1u lu1edbn hu01a1n bu1ea1n [u00c2m thanh cu1ea7n cu1ea9u] Mu00ecnh cu00f3 phu1ea3i tu00ecm u0111iu1ec3m cu00e2n bu1eb1ng trong cu00e1i nu00e0y? Hmm, cu00f3 lu1ebd khu00f4ng Mu00ecnh nghu0129 ru1eb1ng mu00ecnh phu1ea3i tu00ecm cu00e1i u0111iu1ec3m u0111u1ec3 nu00e2ng nu00f3 lu00ean Ohhhkay? HUURRGGHH! Fuck! Cu00f3 lu1ebd mu00ecnh su1ebd…

    Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 lu00e0m vu1eady khu00f4ng? Hiu1ec3u u00fd mu00ecnh chu1ee9? Bu1ea1n khu00f4ng nu00e2ng lu00ean hu1ebft, bu1ea1n chu1ec9 nu00e2ng mu1ed9t xu00edu thu00f4i HWAAAAAH! Chu1ebft tiu1ec7t! u1ede u0111u00f3 thu00ec quu00e1 thu1ea5p Cu00f3 lu1ebd mu00ecnh khu00f4ng cu1ea7n lu00e0m vu1eady Huh! u1eeam, chu1ed7 thu1ea5p u0111u1ee7 u0111u1ec3 chu1ee5p thu00ec khu00f4ng u0111u1ee7 u0111u1ec3 nhu1ea3y lu00ean. Minh su1ebd khu00f4ng thu1ec3 u0111i u0111u01b0u1ee3c u0110u1ec3 mu00ecnh nhu1ea3y ra khu1ecfi mu00e9p vu00e0 tu1ef1 giu1ebft mu00ecnh luu00f4n Khu00f4ng cu00f3 can u0111u1ea3m, khu00f4ng cu00f3 vinh quang! (Chu1ebft!) Yep, u0111u1eadp vu1ee1 mu1eb7t mu00ecnh vu00e0o mu1eb7t bu00ean u0111u01b0u1eddng xe lu1eeda Oh, cu00f3 vu1ebb ru1ea5t u0111au u0111u1edbn.

    Vu00e0 cu00f3 mu1ed9t chu00fat “UFH” Mu00ecnh u0111ang u1edf u0111u00e2u u0111u00e2y? u0110u01b0u1ee3c. Ohhhhhhhhh! Khu00e9o lu00e9o mu1ed9t cu00e1ch chu1ebft tiu1ec7t! Ru1ea5t khu00e9o lu00e9o! Chu1eb3ng nhu01b0 mu00ecnh Phu1ea3i, chu00fang ta hu00e3y lu00e0m u0111iu1ec1u nu00e0y thu1eddi gian nu00e0y. HWUH! Nhu1ea3y- Thu00f4i nu00e0o, cu00e1i thu1eb1ng nu00e0y! u0110u00e1ng lu1ebd u0111u00e3 lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! Mu00ecnh lu00e0m lu1ea1i Nhu00f3c u0111u00e1ng lu1ebd lu00e0 lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i. Ai cu0169ng thu1ea5y hu1ebft! Ai cu0169ng thu1ea5y thu1eb1ng nhu00f3c nu00e0y u0111u00e1ng lu1ebd- HAAAH! u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! u0110i tiu1ebfp u0111i, cu1eadu bu00e9! Tu1ed1t u0111u1eb9p! Ok, ru1ea5t- ru1ea5t lu00e0 tu1ed1t.

    Oh. Cu1ea9n thu1eadn, chim! Cu00e1i ku00e9t an tou00e0n nu00e0y khu00f4ng quu00e1 an tou00e0n u0111u00e2u! Mu00ecnh su1ebd phu00e1 mu1ed9t cu00e1i lu1ed7 tru00ean mu1eb7t u0111u1ea5t Ohhhhh! Mu00ecnh biu1ebft mu00e0! Nu1ebfu mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 u1edf lu1ea1i tru00ean u0111u00f3 thu00ec mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 chu1ebft ru1ed3i Thu1ea5y khu00f4ng, chu01a1i Limbo cu00f3 giu00e1 tru1ecb cu1ee7a nu00f3 Cu0169ng quu00e1 lu00e2u ru1ed3i tu1eeb hu1ed3i mu00ecnh chu01a1i LIMBO Xin lu1ed7i cu1ee9 so su00e1nh hou00e0i, nhu01b0ng mu00e0 nu00f3 cu1ef1c ku1ef3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 LIMBO Mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1ch du1ef1ng cu1ee7a game nu00e0y hu01a1n Cu00f3 ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u u00e2m mu01b0u vu00e0 bu00ed u1ea9n xu1ea3y ra An tou00e0n! Phu00e1 hu1ebft mu1ea5y thu1ee9 nu00e0y u0111i u0110u01b0u01a1u0323c. Chu1edd u0111u00e3, cu00f3 cu00e1i gu00ec u1edf u0111u00e2y mu00e0 mu00ecnh cu1ea7n khu00f4ng? [u00c2m thanh u0111u00f2n bu1ea9y mu1edf cu1eeda] Ohhh-kay? Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 nhu1ea3y vu00e0o cu00e1i nu00e0y lu1ea7n nu1eefa khu00f4ng? Oh, cu00f3 anh chu00e0ng u1edf u0111u00e2y u1ed2, hu1ecd u0111i ngu01b0u1ee3c hu01b0u1edbng nhau! Oh, cu00f3 cu00f4ng tu1eafc u1edf u0111u00f3.

    Cu00f3 cu00f4ng tu1eafc u0111u1ec3 u0111u1ee9ng lu00ean tru00ean Bu1ea1n cu00f3 thu1ec3 thu1ea5y cu00e1c thu1ee9 u1edf phu00eda tru00ean phu1ea3i Kay, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i lu00e0m sao u0111u00e2y? Fuck. Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng biu1ebft lu00e0m sao… Oh, mu00ecnh biu1ebft lu00e0m sao, mu00ecnh biu1ebft lu00e0m thu1ebf sao Bu1ea1n lu00e0m cu00e1i nu00e0y vu00e0 ru1ed3i u0111u00f3ng cu1eeda lu1ea1i Giu1edd anh ta khu00f4ng u1edf chu1ed7 cu0169 nu1eefa nu1ebfu mu00ecnh u0111u1ea9y anh ta vu00f4 cu1eeda Giu1edd cho cu1ea3 hai cu00f9ng u0111i vu00f4. Thu1ea5y u00fd mu00ecnh muu1ed1n nu00f3i chu01b0a? Mu00ecnh lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! Mu00ecnh thu00f4ng minh u1edf mu1ea5y chuyu1ec7n giu1ed1ng vu1eady! Mu00e0 cu00e1i u1edf phu00eda bu00ean kia lu00e0 cu00e1i gu00ec? Cu00f3 ai u0111ang u0111i? Du01b0u1edbi chu1ed7 nu00e0y cu00f3 cu00e1i gu00ec? Chu00e0o (vu00e0 Jack phu00e1 nu00f3) Mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 lu00e0m cu00e1i gu00ec vu1eady? u0110u00f3 lu00e0 cu00e1i gu00ec? Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng biu1ebft nu1eefa.

    Mu00ecnh u0111u00f3i quu00e1 Oh, mu00ecnh ru1ea5t u01b0u1edbc gu00ec cu00f3 mu1ed9t chiu1ebfc bu00e1nh sandwich Subway ngay bu00e2y giu1edd Su1ebd thu1eadt lu00e0- Xin lu1ed7i nha, mu00ecnh cu1ee9 nghu0129 gu00ec nu00f3i u0111u00f3 *cu01b0u1eddi* Aw, cu00e1i game nu00e0y u0111u1ea7y su1ef1 khiu00eau khu00edch (tru00ed tu00f2 mu00f2) Mu00ecnh thu1ef1c su1ef1 thu00edch nu00f3 Mu00ecnh thu1ef1c su1ef1 yu00eau thu00edch nu00f3! u0110u1ed3ng thu1eddi mu00ecnh cu0169ng thu1ea5y nu00f3 ru1ea5t du1ecb Vu1eady mu1ea5y cu00e1i thu1eb1ng u0111uu1ed5i theo mu00ecnh cu0169ng khu00f4ng cu00f3 gu01b0u01a1ng mu1eb7t luu00f4n? Hay lu00e0 tu1ee5i nu00f3 cu00f3 vu00e0 tu1ee5i nu00f3 u0111eo mu1eb7t nu1ea1 cho giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 tu1ee5i nu00f3 khu00f4ng cu00f3 gu01b0u01a1ng mu1eb7t? Tu1ea1i vu00ec nhu00e2n vu1eadt cu1ee7a mu00ecnh khu00f4ng cu00f3 gu01b0u01a1ng mu1eb7t Nu1ebfu cu00f3 cu00e2u tru1ea3 lu1eddi thu00ec hay quu00e1 Whoooaaaa! Nhu1eefng ngu01b0u1eddi lu1eadp tru00ecnh game nu00e0y ru1ea5t biu1ebft cu00e1ch du1ef1ng nu00ean cu1ea3nh quan.

    Vu00e0 camera vu00e0 u00e1nh su00e1ng vu00e0 mu1ecdi thu1ee9 Ru1ea5t u1ea5n tu01b0u1ee3ng u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i, su1eb5n su00e0ng u0111u1ec3 nhu1ea3y HWUH! Mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi u0111ang bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u! Oh, cu00f3 mu1ed9t khu00f4ng khu00ed phu00e1t xu00edt ru1ea5t ru00f5 vu00e0 mu00ecnh khu00f4ng thu00edch chu00fat nu00e0o Oh, kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u mu1ed9t cu00e1ch hou00e0n hu1ea3o u0110u1eebng tru01b0u1ee3t chu00e2n vu00e0 ngu00e3 vu00e0 chu1ebft. Vu1eady thu00ec tu1ec7 lu1eafm Ohhhh God, mu00ecnh biu1ebft mu00e0,mu00ecnh biu1ebft mu00e0,mu00ecnh biu1ebft mu00e0. u0110u00e1ng lu1ebd mu00ecnh nu00ean chuu1ea9n bu1ecb. FUCK! Nhu1ea3y! Phew! Mu00ecnh u0111ang u1edf trong mu1ed9t tu00f2a nhu00e0. u0110u00f3 lu00e0 tu1ea5t cu1ea3 nhu1eefng gu00ec mu00ecnh muu1ed1n [Nghe tiu1ebfng bu01b0u1edbc chu00e2n] Thu1eadt lu00e0 mu1ed9t u00e2m thanh ma quu00e1i, chu1ec9 nghe nu00f3 thu00f4i Aw man! Vu1eady, tu1ea5t cu1ea3 bu1ecdn hu1ecd u0111u1ec1u cu00f3 con u0111u0129a trong ngu01b0u1eddi sao? Hu1ecd khu00f4ng di chuyu1ec3n giu1ed1ng ngu01b0u1eddi chu00fat nu00e0o Hu1ecd di chuyu1ec3n giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 thu00e2y ma Vu00e0 tu1ea5t cu1ea3 bu1ecdn hu1ecd u0111i cu00f9ng nhau HRRRR! EAGH! u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i.

    HRRRR! AHHH-HA! u0110u1eebng ai chu00fa u00fd tu1edbi mu00ecnh, lu00e0m u01a1n! Oh God, Oh God, Oh God- u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i, mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 an tou00e0n Vu1eady… Tu1eeb nhu1eefng gu00ec mu00ecnh hiu1ec3u cho giu1edd lu00e0 bu1ecdn hu1ecd u0111ang thu thu1eadp ngu01b0u1eddi, ru1ed3i biu1ebfn thu00e0nh nhu1eefng con ru1ed1i u0111u1ec3 lu00e0m bu1ea5t cu1ee9 u0111iu1ec1u gu00ec mu00e0 bu1ecdn hu1ecd muu1ed1n Nhu01b0ng mu00e0 mu00ecnh lu00e0 ku1ebb nu1eb1m ngou00e0i Hou1eb7c cu00f3 thu1ec3 bu1ecdn hu1ecd biu1ebfn mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi thu00e0nh nhu01b0 thu1ebf khi bu1ecdn hu1ecd bu1eaft u0111u01b0u1ee3c Cu00f3 lu1ebd u0111u00f3 lu00e0 lu00fd do tu1ea1i sao lu00fac u0111u1ea7u cu00e1i thu1eb1ng bu1eaft mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 khu00f4ng giu1ebft mu00ecnh Vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 thu1eb1ng khu00e1c bu1eafn mu00ecnh bu1edfi vu00ec hu1eafn kiu1ec3u nhu01b0: “Eh, bu1eafn nhu1ea7m cu00f2n hu01a1n bu1ecf su00f3t…” Vu1eady nu00ean…

    Vu00e0 mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u1ec1u khu00f4ng cu00f3 gu01b0u01a1ng mu1eb7t Cu00f3 lu1ebd nu00f3 muu1ed1n chu00e2m biu1ebfm bu1ea3n chu1ea5t con ngu01b0u1eddi ngu00e0y nay Mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u1ec1u khu00f4ng mu1eb7t, u0111u1ec1u lu00e0 nhu1eefng con ru1ed1i bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u theo nhu1ecbp cu00f4ng ty, kiu1ec3u vu1eady Mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 di chuyu1ec3n cu00e1i thang nu00e0y khu00f4ng? Yeah, boy! Cu1eadu bu00e9, cu1eadu ru1ea5t lu00e0 may mu1eafn lu00e0 cu00e1i thang u0111u00f3 vu1eeba u0111u1ee7 du00e0i Mu00ecnh u0111ang lu00e0m cu00e1i gu00ec… Oh God, cu00e1i nu00e0y cu00f2n u0111u00e1ng su1ee3 hu01a1n! Ah fuck! Holy shit! Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nghu0129 ru1eb1ng nu00f3 cu00f3 thu1ec3 thu1ea5y mu00ecnh Chu1ebft tiu1ec7t! Lu00e0m mu00ecnh su1ee3 hu1ebft hu1ed3n Ok, nu00f3 kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 lu00e0 robot thu thu1eadp Oh man, giu1edd nu00f3 giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 War Of The Worlds vu1eady! Okay, khoan u0111i ra u0111u00e3 Vu00e0 anh bu1ea1n u0111u1eb1ng kia phu1ea3n u1ee9ng khi cu00f3 u00e1nh su00e1ng chiu1ebfu lu00ean Bu1ea1n thu1ea5y anh ta- kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 co giu1eadt lu00ean khi bu1ecb chiu1ebfu su00e1ng u0110i u0111i u0111i u0111i u0111i! u0110i u0111i u0111i! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh- Fuck! OH, KHu00d4NG Tu1ed0T CHu00daT Nu00c0O!!! Oh God, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i lu00e0m gu00ec khi qua u0111u01b0u1ee3c bu00ean kia? Mu00ecnh phu1ea3i nhu1ea5c nu00f3 lu00ean KHu00d4NG u0110u1ee6 THu1edcI GIAN! Lu00e0m sao? Mu00ecnh cu00f3 phu1ea3i u0111i qua vu00e0 ku00e9o nu00f3 lu00ean tru01b0u1edbc khi ku00e9o cu00f4ng tu1eafc khu00f4ng? Cu00f3 lu1ebd Mu1ea5y thu1ee9 u0111u00f3 mu1edbi lu00e0 u0111u00e1ng su1ee3! Tu00f4i tu01b0u1edfng tu01b0u1ee3ng nhu1eefng thu1ee9 u0111u00f3 u0111u01b0u1ee3c gu1eedi ra ngou00e0i cu00e1nh u0111u1ed3ng vu00e0- nhu1eefng thu1ee9 u0111u00f3 chu1ea1y quanh, thu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi nu00e0o hu00e0nh u0111u1ed9ng khu00f4ng theo tru1eadt tu1ef1 lu00e0 bu1eaft Quu00e1 tru1eddi ngu01b0u1eddi nu1eb1m du01b0u1edbi u0111u1ea5t Yeah, nhu1ea5c nu00f3 tru01b0u1edbc khi mu00ecnh u0111i tiu1ebfp Vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i bu1eadt u0111iu1ec7n u0111u1ec3 thang mu00e1y u0111i u0111u01b0u1ee3c vu00e0 u0111u00f3 lu00e0 lu00fd do mu1ea5y con robot hou1ea1t u0111u1ed9ng u0111u01b0u1ee3c.

    Okay! Tuyu1ec7t vu1eddi! Bu1ea1n cu00f3 tu1eebng xem b-bu1ed9 phim *thu1edf du00e0i* Mu00ecnh lu00fac nu00e0o cu0169ng lu00e0m vu1eady, so su00e1nh thu1ee9 nu00e0y vu1edbi thu1ee9 khu00e1c Bu1ea1n u0111u00e3 bao giu1edd xem bu1ed9 phim, ‘9’? Kiu1ec3u nhu01b0, ru1ea5t Tim Burton- Nu00f3 u0111u01b0u1ee3c lu00e0m bu1edfi Tim Burton? Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nghu0129 vu1eady Kiu1ec3u phim ru1ea5t Tim Burton, cu00f3 cu1ea3 Elijah Woods trong phim vu00e0 cu1ea3 mu1ed9t con robot khu1ed5ng lu1ed3 u0111uu1ed5i theo hu1ecd nu1eefa Ok, an tou00e0n! Thu1eadt u0111u00e1ng su1ee3! Cu1ee9 tu01b0u1edfng tu01b0u1ee3ng nu1ebfu thu1ebf giu1edbi giu1ed1ng vu1eady. Bu1ea1n khu00f4ng thu1ec3 u0111i ra ngou00e0i bu1edfi vu00ec robot khu1ed5ng lu1ed3 tu1edbi giu1ebft bu1ea1n mu1ecdi lu00fac Cu1ea3m giu00e1c nhu01b0 cu00f2n bu00ed mu1eadt u0111u00e2u u0111u00f3 [u00c2m nhu1ea1c bu1eaft u0111u1ea7u] *Hu00e1t theo nhu1ea1c* Xu00e9o u0111i chim! Oh God! Oh shit! u0110u1ee9ng du1eady! u0110u1ee8NG- Fuck! Uh-oh! Oh, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u vu1edbi hu1ecd?! Ohhhhh fuck! Oh du1ecb! Ohh, vu1eady nu1ebfu mu00ecnh lu00e0m lu1ec7ch, nu00f3 su1ebd bu1eaft mu00ecnh? Mu00ecnh lu00e0m quu00e1 lu1ec7ch luu00f4n u1ea5y! u0110u00e1ng lu1ebd nu00f3 phu1ea3i thu1ea5y mu00ecnh lu00e0m lu1ec7ch ru1ed3i Oh, u0111u1eebng giu1ebft tui.

    Lu00e0m u01a1n u0111u1eebng giu1ebft tui! Vu1eady lu00e0 hu1ecd u0111i chu00edn bu01b0u1edbc *Lu1eb7ng lu1ebd u0111u1ebfm bu01b0u1edbc* Yeah, chu00edn bu01b0u1edbc. Ok Oh God, giu1edd mu00ecnh cu00f2n phu1ea3i nhu1ea3y u1eeam, thu1ea5y khu00f4ng? Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u1eb1ng kia u0111eo mu1eb7t na, tu1ee9c lu00e0 hu1ecd cu00f3 gu01b0u01a1ng mu1eb7t Su00e1u, bu1ea3y, tu00e1m, chu00edn HWUH! Oh, mu00ecnh lu1ec7ch quu00e1 tru1eddi luu00f4n, nhu01b0ng cu00e1m u01a1n! Quu00e1 chuu1ea9n! Oh, thu1eadt lu00e0 u0111u00e1ng su1ee3! Tu1ea1i sao bu1ecdn hu1ecd cu1ee9 nhu00ecn chu1eb1m chu1eb1m vu00e0o mu00ecnh? Oh fuck …

    Ah, crap. Giu1edd mu00ecnh phu1ea3i quay lu1ea1i Mu00ecnh u0111ang lu00e0m nu00e8 Fuck you, thu1eb1ng robot! Oh, hou00e0n hu1ea3o! Quu00e1 chuu1ea9n! Ooohhh, u0111u00e1ng su1ee3! Oh God. Lu00e0m u01a1n cu1ee9 u0111u1ec3 mu00ecnh thou00e1t u0111i FUUCK !! Mu00ecnh thu1ea5y mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi u0111u00f3 lu00e0m vu00e0 mu00ecnh cu0169ng “Oh yeah, quay lu1ea1i” u0110u00e1ng lu1ebd mu00ecnh khu00f4ng phu1ea3i lu00e0m vu1eady Oh, hiu1ec3u Giu1edd mu00ecnh u0111u1ed3ng bu1ed9 chuu1ea9n xu00e1c luu00f4n Yeah! Quu00e1 chuu1ea9n! Cu00e1i nu00e0y giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 khu00f3a huu1ea5n luyu1ec7n Backstreet Boys Oh, tui u0111ang u1edf ngou00e0i, tui u1edf bu00ean ngou00e0i. Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ec3 bu1eaft tui, tui u0111ang u1edf ngou00e0i Cu00e1i nu00e0y lu00e0m mu00ecnh nhu1edb nhu01b0 u0111ang bu01b0u1edbc u0111u1ec1u nhu01b0 trong diu1ec5u hu00e0nh chiu1ebfn tranh u0110u1ee9c Quu1ed1c xu00e3 Mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng thu1ec3 bu1eaft tui, tui u0111ang lu00e0m nha Ohhh, mu00ecnh lu00e0m cu00e1i u0111u00f3 gu1ecdi lu00e0 chuu1ea9n khu00f4ng cu1ea7n chu1ec9nh luu00f4n! Su00e1u, bu1ea3y, tu00e1m, chu00edn.

    An tou00e0n, an tou00e0n, an tou00e0n, mu1ea5y ngu01b0u1eddi khu00f4ng u0111u01b0u1ee3c lu00e0m gu00ec hu1ebft *Lu1eb7ng lu1ebd u0111u1ebfm bu01b0u1edbc* Mu00ecnh an tou00e0n chu01b0a? Mu1ea5y con chu00f3 su1ebd bu1eaft u0111u01b0u1ee3c mu00ecnh Ohhhh! Khu00f4ng! Khu00f4ng! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Cu1ea9n thu1eadn, cu1ea9n thu1eadn. Oh fuck! Cu00c1I QUu00c1I Gu00cc?! Oh God, tu1edfm quu00e1! Oh Jeez, mu00ecnh phu1ea3i chu1ea1y phu1ea3i khu00f4ng? Cu00f3 lu1ebd vu1eady ‘Kay, su1eb5n su00e0ng u0111u1ec3 u0111i Okay, khi nu00e0o mu00ecnh di chuyu1ec3n? M-Mu00ecnh u0111ang chu1ec9nh u00e2m thanh vu00ec nu00f3 hu01a1i u1ed3n Oh God, khi nu00e0o mu00ecnh chu1ea1y? Khi nu00e0o mu00ecnh chu1ea1y? Khi nu00e0o mu00ecnh chu1ea1y? u0110i, u0111i, u0111i, u0111i ,u0111i! Fuck nu00f3, Fuck nu00f3, Fuck nu00f3, cu1ee9 u0111i tiu1ebfp! Chu1ec9 cu1ea7n u0111i thu00f4i! Chu1ec9 cu1ea7n u0111i thu00f4i! AAHHHHH! *Thu1edf du00e0i nhu1eb9 nhu00f5m* Oh, mu1ec7t thu1eadt Thu1eadt lu00e0 u0111iu00ean ru1ed3! Oh shit! Oh shit! Fido cu00f2n u1edf u0111u00e2y! Fido cu00f2n u1edf u0111u00e2y! Fuck! Ahhhhh, khu1ec9 thu1eadt Oh khu00f4ng! u0110u00f3 chu1ec9 lu00e0 mu1ed9t cu1eadu bu00e9! ‘Kay, cu1ee9 tiu1ebfp tu1ee5c chu1ea1y vu1eady Oh khoan, mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 lu00e0m cho con chu00f3 nhu1ea3y xuu1ed1ng u1edf u0111u00e2y khu00f4ng? u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i, u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i, u0111u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i Giu1edd mu00ecnh cu00f3 u0111u1ee7 thu1eddi gian ru1ed3i, cu00f3 u0111u1ee7 thu1eddi gian ru1ed3i! u0110I! u0110I! WHUUUH! Liu1ec7u mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 lu00e0m cho u00f4ng ta u0111u00e8 bu1eb9p con chu00f3? Okay- Okay, khu00f4ng! Quu00e1 gu1ea7n! QUu00c1 Gu1ea6N! Cu1ee9 u0111i tiu1ebfp! Mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1i cu00e1ch cu1eadu bu00e9 cu0169ng cu1eed u0111u1ed9ng luu00f4ng Mu00ecnh u0111ang u1edf u0111u00e2u? Bu1edfi vu00ec trong LIMBO, mu1ea5y level cuu1ed1i- spoiler alert! Nhu01b0ng mu00e0 cu0169ng lu00e2u quu00e1 ru1ed3i Thu1ef1c su1ef1 cu0169ng khu00f4ng phu1ea3i lu00e0 spoiler nu1eefa Cu00e1c level cuu1ed1i cu1ee7a LIMBO khu00e1 lu00e0 mang tu00ednh cu00f4ng xu01b0u1edfng Cu00f3 nhiu1ec1u thu1ee9 xu1ea3y ra vu00e0 cuu1ed1i cu00f9ng bu1ea1n u1edf trong mu1ed9t chu1ed7 tru00f4ng nhu01b0 mu1ed9t khu cu00f4ng nghiu1ec7p Oh-kay.

    Lu00e0m thu1ebf nu00e0o quu00e1i nu00e0o mu00ecnh lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c bu00e2y giu1edd? Mu00ecnh cu00f2n khu00f4ng thu1ec3 chu1ee5p lu1ea5y cu00e1i u0111u00f3 nu1eefa Cu00e1i-? Hmm. u0110u1ec3 xem. Ah, cu1ee9 giu1eef nu00f3! u0110u00f3 lu00e0 chu1ed7 xa nhu1ea5t mu00e0 mu00ecnh ku00e9o tu1edbi u0111u01b0u1ee3c Ahhh, giu1edd mu00ecnh hiu1ec3u ru1ed3i Giu1edd mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 hiu1ec3u u00d4i Chu00faa u01a1i, khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng khu00f4ng.

    Ra khu1ecfi u0111u00f3. u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i Mu00ecnh phu1ea3i tru1edf lu1ea1i vu00e0 leo lu00ean cu00e1i u0111u00f3 Ha ha, thu00f4ng minh! Thu1eadt lu00e0 mu1ed9t cu00e2u u0111u1ed1 u0111u01a1n giu1ea3n, nhu01b0ng nu00f3 ru1ea5t hay! u0110u01b0u1ee3c ru1ed3i! Tu1ed1t u0111u1eb9p! Ngou00e0i u0111u00e2y thu1eadt yu00ean bu00ecnh Vu00e0 mu1ea5y cu00e1i thu1ee9 muu1ed1n giu1ebft mu00ecnh miu1ebft Con chu00f3 vu1eabn cu00f2n u1edf u0111u00f3 u0110i qua hu1ebft luu00f4n u0110i hu1ebft luu00f4n- u00f4ng ta giu1ed1ng nhu01b0 u0111ang moonwalking! *Cu01b0u1eddi* *Hu00e1t nhu1ea1c Michael Jackson* Khoan u0111u00e3, nu1ebfu mu00ecnh u0111u1ee5ng chu1ed7 u0111u00f3 thu00ec sao? Khu00f4ng sao hu1ebft.

    Okay Ohhh, khoan u0111u00e3, mu00ecnh hiu1ec3u ru1ed3i Khu00f4ng! Lu00e0m u00f4ng ta nhu1ea3y lu00ean tru00ean u0111u00f3 Fuck! Cu00e1i-? Lu00e0m cho u00f4ng ta nhu1ea3y lu00ean u0111u00e2y vu00e0 u0111u1ee9ng lu00ean Ru1ed3i cho cu1eadu bu00e9 nhu1ea3y ra Hou00e0n thu00e0nh! Quu00e1 chuu1ea9n! Mu00ecnh thu00edch cu00e1i *oooooooo* u0111ang xu1ea3y ra Ahhh, bu00e2y giu1edd thu00ec mu00ecnh hiu1ec3u ru1ed3i! Mu00ecnh nghu0129- um, mu00ecnh nghu0129 lu00e0 Mu00ecnh nghu0129 lu00e0 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i u0111u1ea9y nu00f3 vu00e0 u0111u1ec3 cho nu00f3 lu0103n Aannnd liiiike nhu01b0 vu1eady! Chu1ebft tiu1ec7t! Mu00ecnh cu1ee9 tu01b0u1edfng mu00ecnh phu1ea3i lu00e0m vu1eady Oh khoan u0111u00e3! Cu00f3 mu1ed9t cu00e1i khu00e1c u1edf tru00ean kia! Ohhh, mu1ea5y thu1ee9 Inception u0111ang diu1ec5n ra! Mu00ecnh vu1eabn u0111ang bu1ed1i ru1ed1i! OW! Bu1ec3 mu1eaft cu00e1 chu00e2n Ku00e9o nhu00f3c qua.

    Cu00f3 lu1ebd nu1ebfu mu00ecnh nhu1ea3y xuu1ed1ng ngay bu00e2y giu1edd, hai chu00fa kia su1ebd xuu1ed1ng luu00f4n u1eeam okay Mu00ecnh vu1eabn chu01b0a hiu1ec3u Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng hiu1ec3u lu00e0 nhu00f3c nu00e0y su1ebd u0111i u0111u00e2u Ohhhh, mu00ecnh hiu1ec3u ru1ed3i! Nhu00f3c nu00e0y khu00f4ng phu1ea3i u0111i u0111u00e2u hu1ebft Chu00fa nu00e0y nhu1ea3y vu00f4 u0111u00e2y vu00e0 mu1edf cu1ed5ng Vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 cu1eadu nhu00f3c/mu00ecnh u0111i xuu1ed1ng vu1edbi anh chu00e0ng thu1ee9 hai Thu00f4i nu00e0o! Xoay lu1ea1i vu00e0 nhu1ea3y Oh khoan u0111u00e3, khu00f4ng . Mu00ecnh phu1ea3i du1eabn u00f4ng ta qua bu00ean nu00e0y u0110u00f3 lu00e0 mu1ed9t cu00e2u u0111u1ed1 u0111u01a1n giu1ea3n, nhu01b0ng bu1ea1n phu1ea3i tu1ef1 mu00ecnh suy luu1eadn ra ‘Kay, tu1eeb u0111u00e2y nhu1ea3y tu1edbi khu00f4ng? Tu1edbi Cho nu00ean, HWUH! Sau u0111u00f3 nhu1ea3y ra ngou00e0i vu00e0 anh chu00e0ng nu00e0y u0111i- AHHH FUCK! Khu00f4ng, khu00f4ng u0111u01b0u1ee3c! Shit! Mu00ecnh u0111u00e3 gu1ea7n lu1eafm ru1ed3i- Chu1ebft tiu1ec7t! Thu00f4i nu00e0o! Mu00ecnh biu1ebft- Mu00ecnh biu1ebft mu00ecnh phu1ea3i lu00e0m gu00ec nhu01b0ng mu00ecnh lu00e0m ru1ed1i lu00ean hu1ebft Vu00e0, nhu1ea3y ra ru1ed3i mu00ecnh nhu1ea3y tru1edf lu1ea1i mu1ed9t lu1ea7n nu1eefa Bu00e2y giu1edd mu00ecnh cu00f3 thu1ec3 u0111i! Cu00e1i-? Mu00ecnh u0111i u0111u00e2u? Oh, mu00ecnh chu1ec9 cu1ea7n tiu1ebfp tu1ee5c ku00e9o cu00e1i nu00e0y? Ohhh! Okay, u00fd mu00ecnh lu00e0, mu00ecnh vu1eabn u0111u00e3 lu00e0m u0111u01b0u1ee3c Tu1ed1t u0111u1eb9p! Cu1ea9n thu1eadn.

    u0110u1eebng lu00e0m u1ed3n Tu1ed1t ru1ed3i, phu1ea3i khu00f4ng? Vu00e0 sau u0111u00f3 thu1ea3… Ahhh, chu1ebft tiu1ec7t *Cu01b0u1eddi tru00ean cu00e1i chu1ebft ngu ngu1ed1c* Shit! Lu00e0m u01a1n u0111u1ec3 mu00ecnh bu1eaft u0111u1ea7u lu1ea1i ngay chu1ed7 u0111u00f3! Yesss! Cu00e1m u01a1n! ‘Kay, mu00ecnh nghu0129 lu00e0 mu00ecnh phu1ea3i u1edf u0111u00e2y Khu00f4ng phu1ea3i lu00e0 u1edf tu00edt bu00ean kia Vu00e0 thu1ea3 thu1ea3 thu1ea3 thu1ea3! Yessss! Chuu1ea9n khu00f4ng cu1ea7n chu1ec9nh! Giu1ecfi lu1eafm nhu00f3c Cu0103ng quu00e1 tru1eddi! Khoan u0111a, lu00e0m sao mu00ecnh lu00ean u0111u01b0u1ee3c? Hay lu00e0 mu00ecnh khu00f4ng lu00ean? Cu00f3 lu1ebd lu00e0 khu00f4ng. Okay! u1eeam, mu00ecnh su1ebd du1eebng tu1eadp nu00e0y u1edf u0111u00e2y Thu1ef1c ra thu00ec- hu1ed3i u0111u1ea7u mu00ecnh khu00f4ng nghu0129 lu00e0 “Oh mu00ecnh su1ebd lu00e0m video hu1ebft game nu00e0y”, bu1edfi vu00ec- Mu00ecnh chu1ec9 muu1ed1n chu01a1i vu00e0 quay thu1eed mu1ed9t video thu00f4i, nhu01b0ng mu00e0 Mu00ecnh cu00f3 lu1ebd su1ebd lu00e0m Cu00f3 lu1ebd mu00ecnh su1ebd lu00e0m video cu1ea3 game luu00f4n vu00ec nu00f3 quu00e1 hay vu00e0 mu00ecnh thu00edch nu00f3 quu00e1 chu1eebng Mu00ecnh khu00f4ng thu1ec3 chu1edd xem thu1ef1c su1ef1 cu00e1i gu00ec u0111ang diu1ec5n ra trong game Mu00ecnh- Mu00ecnh muu1ed1n biu1ebft cu00e1i bu00ed mu1eadt lu1edbn nhu1ea5t lu00e0 gu00ec Vu00e0 mu00ecnh hy vu1ecdng nu00f3 su1ebd khu00f4ng phu1ea3i lu00e0 mu1ed9t ku1ebft thu00fac mu01a1 hu1ed3, kiu1ec3u nhu01b0 chu01a1i hu1ebft game ru1ed3i tu1ef1 nghu0129 luu00f4n Bu1edfi vu00ec LIMBO nu00f3 nhu01b0 vu1eady.

    Nu00f3 ku1ebft thu00fac vu00e0 bu1ea1n thu00ec nghu1ec7ch mu1eb7t ra: “…..Cu00e1i gu00ec?” Kiu1ec3u u0111u00f3 u0111u00f3, cho nu00ean mu00ecnh hy vu1ecdng lu00e0 nu00f3 khu00f4ng quu00e1 khu00f3 hiu1ec3u bu1edfi vu00ec mu00ecnh su1ebd khu00f4ng hiu1ec3u, nhu01b0ng du00f9 sao u0111i nu1eefa…. Cu1ea2M u01a0N Cu00c1C Bu1ea0N ru1ea5t nhiu1ec1u vu00ec u0111u00e3 xem tu1eadp nu00e0y! Nu1ebfu bu1ea1n thu00edch nu00f3, u0110u1ea4M Vu00c0O Mu1eb6T cu00e1i nu00fat thu00edch u0111u00f3 LIKE A BOSS! Vu00e0 u0111u1eadp tay cho mu1ecdi ngu01b0u1eddi! * Wa-pish! * * Wa-pish! * Nhu01b0ng cu1ea3m u01a1n bu1ea1n vu00e0 mu00ecnh su1ebd gu1eb7p lu1ea1i cu00e1c bu1ea1n TRONG VIDEO TIu1ebeP THEO!!! Mu00ecnh hy vu1ecdng nhu00f3c khu00f4ng bu1ecb chu1ebft u0111uu1ed1i Mu00ecnh hy vu1ecdng nhu00f3c cu00f3 u0111u1ee7 nu0103ng lu01b0u1ee3ng u0111u1ec3 cu1ee9 u1edf u0111u00f3 mu00e3i mu00e3i u0110u1eebng chu00ecm nhu01b0 Jack Dawson Jack Dawes.

    Dawson? Dawes? Ai quan tu00e2m?. “}

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