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    {“en”:”Hi Pals. Welcome to Today Peppa pig is going to the hospital to have her tonsils removed. Make sure that you like, subscribe and comment. Let us know what you think. Peppa, George its time to wake up we have to goto the hospital. You’re going to get your tonsils taken out. Ok Peppa make sure you pack teddy and your toothbrush and your new pjs. George I need you to wake up now. Dine-sawr. Mummy and Daddy I’m very nervous about having my tonsils taken out. The hospital is a very nice place. and you won’t feel sick anymore. That’s right Peppa, Mummy and Daddy will be right there and afterwards you will have lots of nice ice lollis and stuff. Bye house off to the doctor. Here’s the hospital Peppa. It looks like the doctors are waiting for you. Hello doctor, I am Daddy pig and this Peppa and George pig. I’m a little nervous doctor. It’s alright Peppa, we have a nice nurse here named Ms. Pink Jacket and she will take care of you. I’m nurse pink jacket.

    Hi nurse pink jacket. Don’t worry Peppa.. We’re going to do a quick exam and then give you some giggle juice. Have you ever had giggle juice? No, No Is it yummy? Ok Peppa now Dr. Green Jacket is going to give you an exam. It’s ok Peppa we’re going to take really good care of you. First just lye still. And I’ll listen to your heart. Just going to put the stethoscope right here to listen to your heart. What a wonderful heart beat you have Peppa. Boom Boom Boom Boom, Boom Boom Thank you doctor. Next Peppa we’re going to take your temperature. Can you say Ahhh. Ahhh. Perfect Let’s check Teddy. He’s perfect too 98.6. Now we’re going to look in your ears. Now your eyes. Nice eyes you have. Now your reflexes. Now we’re going to give you some pink giggle juice. And it’s going to make you nice and sleepy. Then when you wake up your tonsils will be out. Ok, I can’t wait. Are you ready? Yes, Yes Ok, Peppa bottoms up little piggy. You really guzzled that down. It tasted like bubble gum. I feel silly and sleepy. hahahaha Snorts Ok, now the giggle mask.

    Soft breeze into your nose and you’ll get very sleepy. Good job Peppa.. You will be sleeping shortly. OOooh.. my throat hurts. Oh dear, it’s alright the operation is all done. The doctor said your tonsils were so enlarged and you’ll be much better now. No more soar throats. Ok, Mummy pig calm down. We’re going to go in the car now and lots of ice lollis for everyone. And chocolate cake. Ok, Mummy.. I feel kinda sad. Don’t feel sad Peppa.. Guess what, we have some present for you. Some get well cards. Get well Peppa.. Love Mummy and daddy pig. Look its a yellow card Peppa. Get well Peppa. Love George and Mr. Dine-sawr Roar And the last get well card.. Get well soon Peppa XOXO Feel better from Gracie and Snowball at hahah oh those toy Pals.

    Oh mummy that makes me feel so happy. But my throat really hurts. I’m ready for an ice lolly Can you help us decide which ice lolly peppa will like the best? Do you know this type of ice lolly? It looks like a crayon and its called a scribbles. What other ones do we have mummy? Another one coming.. Put in the comments which ice lolly you like the best. This is a very strange shape.

    It’s a Hello Kitty Purple one. Which would you prefer children? The scribbles or the Hello Kitty shape lolly. Please put in the comments. And make sure you like and subscribe to!! Mummy this lolly looks awfully big. Maybe they are..maybe Daddy Pig will like it. Yes, Hohoho. I can eat that. I think we’ll find a smaller ice lolly for peppa. Ding, Ding, Ding Dong. Who’s at the door? Peppa you have a surprise guest. Hi Peppa!! Oh Zurg what are you doing here? Well I went to the local supermarket and bought you some frozen Shopkins and I thought I’d bring you some frozen treats Let’s see this is something like a snow cone. I might like that one. Slurp Slurp I feel better already Zurg. That’s what I thought. What else do you have? Well I have this other one. What is this kids? I’m a chi or something.

    I love yogurt. Let me try it. Slurp. I’m feeling better already crazy Zurg. And this guy here. Warm soup for you throat. This is called Alpha Soup. Slurp.. yum Now children there are a few more Shopkins in the basket but I have no idea what they are. If you know this Shopkin please put it in the comments and subscribe to!! Ah ha ha ah And the last one is very easy for you kids out there. It has the name on it. So, put the names of these Shopkins in the comments. Slurp I am your father! Now my son, join me or prepare to meet your doom. Well Peppa, I need to be headed out now. Oh Zurg, we were going to do one more fun thing today.. What is this? Is this a muddy puddle? OF course it is you crazy Zurg.

    Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. This is fun. Let’s jump on the Shopkins!!! Dine-sawr Roar Oh ho ho ho Muddle puddles Making a giant mess!! I love this I love Zurg. Muddy puddles.. hehehhe Slurp, Dine-saur.. Yea Peppa Pig.. This is so fun! Oh ho ho I am evil Zurg Thank you for watching Please like and subscribe to this crazy channel. Bye Bye Thanks kids for watching, if you’d like to see more muddy puddles and crazy Zurg please put it in the comments. We love our subscribers. bye Bye. “}

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