{“en”:”FIDGET SPINNERS of course schipper these school supplies are perfect More teenie geenie CupcakeSurpriseToys it’s great that it’s summer vacation but whatever shall I do Parisa and it’s only the first day I know what to do let me call my best friend shimmer and shine with my Wish and Wear genie necklace they’ll know what to do [Shimmer and Shine Theme Nickelodeon Song] Shimmer and Shine my genies divine through this special chant three wishes you’ll grant Our bracelets are sparkling. Leah needs us. Leah your best friends are on the way Were here Leah Hello shimmer and shine I’m so glad you’re here you see I’m on summer vacation but I really need something super fun to do I understand Leah what super fun wish and I grant for you today? I wish for a Jewel Party with you shimmer Nahal and Tala and and lots of fun toys to decorate Sure Leah I love to make your wish come through Boomzaramay 1st wish of the day shimmer and shine a tool party Divine. Oh shine these tools are great and I’m sure they will come in handy with my next project Zac but today I wanted a jewel party not a Tool party whoopsie.

When we fix our mistake the day turns out great. so let’s fix it Boomzaramay 1st wish of the day shimmer and shine a JEWEL party Divine. Wow shine these jewels are beautiful I love them but what are we going to decorate FIDGET SPINNERS of course and there’s one for all of us Leah this ones for you it’s yellow and it lights up. it’s super special these beautiful shiny pink one is for you shimmer. This pretty blue one is for me it’s really cool it matches my hair and this beautiful white one is for you Nahal to match your fur Tala you got a super special one it’s purple and it’s glow-in-the-dark these are generific watch how they spin shine do you think we can spin them all together? sure watch them go wow I love watching them spin they’re so beautiful and I love those lights.

Can we put the jewels on them now? Sure Leah a purple jewel for you Leah. Its gorgeous a green sparkly gem for you Shimmer. For you Tala a beautiful green sparkly jewel For me I have a beautiful pink gem and for you Nahal I have a beautiful pink love heart because I love you oh wow shine these fridget spinners look amazing now can we see them spin and shine? sure watch then go you’ll figure spinners are so beautiful and enchanting Leah here’s the best part you can store all your new FIDGET SPINNER jewels in your magic wishes jewellery box and change them anytime you wish during your summer vacation s Shimmer and Shine did you know I’m going to start a new grade at school this year I should organize my school stationery shimmer can you grant me my second wish sure Leah.

I love to help you. boom zahramay BoomZaraMay 2nd wish of the day. Shimmer and Shine Pool supplies divine. Oh shimmer those are really sweet pool supplies but I didn’t want pool supplies I wanted school supplies oopsie . If at first you don’t succeed Wish again. BoomZaraMay 2nd wish of the day. Shimmer and Shine SCHOOL Supplies divine. Leah you got stationary folders, eraser in pink and blue, pencils in blue and yellow a big yellow notebook your favourite colour a purple composition book yellow pink purple blue highlighters more pencils and the shimmer and sticker activity Book. Shimmer these school supplies are perfect. Can you help me personalize them? absolutely put me on here and shine on here. blue is her favourite good colour let’s put Nahal on this one. It matches her purple stripe.

Let’s put this picture of you Leah on the yellow book it looks great and finally we’ll put Tala on this one she looks adorable. Now for the highlighters Leah I’m going to put you on the yellow one and me on the pink and Nahal and Tala on the on the purple one and shine on the blue one. you’re all set Leah. shimmer my school stationery is beautiful everybody will want them my friends are coming over to play today and were going to play with the Teenie Genies and the carry case. you got me. It would just be really nice to have some new teenie teenie to show them tell me your wish Leah my 3rd wish, I wish for you new teenie teenies BoomZaraMay 2nd wish of the day.

Shimmer and Shine Zucchini divine. Oh am Shine I really do love zucchini but I didn’t want to Zucchini right now I wanted new teenie teenies hmm sorry Leah. let me try again BoomZaraMay 3rd wish of the day. Shimmer and Shine Teenie Genies divine. Four more teenie geenies. this is awesome. can you and shimmer open them for me and put them in the carry case. We sure can Leah Leah you got awesome teeny genies You got your very own Pet Parisa they’re a perfect match you got nice me Leah.

Beautiful Shimmer with a green jewel with sparkles. don’t I look great This is Nahal, she’s a dreamy genie she looks like she’s taking a nap she’s beautiful Ahava. She’s a magical market Genie.I love her beautiful sparkly purple hair and their happy little face. she’s gorgeous you’re going to have so much fun with these new teenie geenie. my friends will love them and I cant believe I got Parisa. That’s awesome THANK YOU you so much shimmer and shine for the best three wishes ever, the jewel party with the fidget spinners was so much fun, my new stationery supplies means I’m all ready for next grade and you picked up the best teenie teenies ever . You really are my genies divine I love So CupcakeSurpriseToysFans we really hope you enjoyed our Shimmer and Shine 3 wishes video hit that LIKE button if you want us to make more shimmer and shine video so don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and share this video and follow us on Instagram.

you know you want to. Bye CupcakeSurpriseToyFans we love you kids. Here are some more fun videos. “}

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