Wheelies RACE! Lightning McQueen MATER + Cars 2 Speed Race Toy Set [Fisher Price]

    {“en”:”HobbyMom: Hey everybody, let’s have fun with the Fisher Price Wheelies, Pixar Cars, Speed and Sounds. That was a marathon race Light McQueen. Good job. Thanks friend. I’ve got to fuel up now. Ohh! I’m tired. I think I’m going to head to bed. Ahhh! Oh hello Mater. I’m you from the future. The future? Aha! Cool. What’s going on? I heard a scream Mater and Mater. Calm down Lightning McQueen, we’re just from the future. The future? How do you expect me to stay calm. This is just weird. We’ve come to tell you guys that when you race, you have to be very, very careful. So always make sure you have your seat belt buckled. What would you come here to warn me about? Oh nothing. We’re still the best backwards drivers in the whole wide world.

    Sweet. So Mater do you want to race for old time’s sake? You bet I do. I think we’re too big. No, no, no, no. We can do it. We can do it. Ready, set, go! Oh that really hurt. Ha ha ha, that was very funny. Thanks for watching guys and be sure to subscribe. Who are you? I thought I was from the future. I’m you from the future future. This is just all so confusing. One question. Why are we bigger in the future? Hobby Kid 1: Mater, Mater, Mater thank you for watching. HobbyMom: It really hurts when you blow up.. “}

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